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smspinverify: Single Service Temporary Numbers

Posted on 15/03/23 01:38 pm

Need a temporary number for a single service? Do you only require access to this number for a short amount of time? A temporary subscription plan could be the right choice for you!

Single service temporary numbers provide a US-based phone number for use on one designated service. You can rent these numbers in increments of one week or two weeks.

This service is offered as a temporary subscription plan: there are no renewals, no hassle, and no need to remember to top up your credit balance.

Some things to know about single service temporary numbers:

You can purchase multiple temporary single services at one time, but you cannot combine them with permanent service purchases.
You cannot purchase different weekly increments at the same time, i.e. all your temporary numbers in a single purchase must be for either one week or two weeks.
Certain popular single services will not be available in all weekly increments, i.e. you may only be able to purchase a one week subscription for some high-volume services.
Please note: old temporary number subscriptions will be grandfathered-in to our new subscription model. This means that you may continue to use them until they reach their “maximum availability date.” At that time, you will have to re-purchase these single services through our new temporary subscription plans.



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