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smspinverify: Changes to Message Handling

Posted on 08/03/23 05:13 am

We are rolling out new changes to how you can view and receive your messages for lines you have rented on smspinverify. In addition to the view of all your messages, you can also view just your messages for a specific subscription or the messages for a specific line in one of your subscriptions. This enables you to just see the messages you currently care about.

Viewing Your Messages

The easiest way to view all the messages all your lines have received is to click “Messages” in the top bar:

If you have a large number of subscriptions, you might want to just view the messages for a specific subscription. You can do this by clicking on My Subscriptions-> Manage, and then clicking the View button next to the subscription you care about:

At the bottom of the page for that subscription, there is a Latest Messages button:

Clicking that button takes you to the page where you just see the messages for that specific subscription.

On both of these pages, next to each message you’ve already received, you’ll see a new “Wake Up” button under the Actions column:

If instead you want to just view the messages for a specific one of your lines, you can go to the page for the subscription the line is in and click the View Messages button next to the line you care about. You will also find a “Wake Up” button on the same page:

On the specific line page, the “Wake Up” button will be at the top of the page:

Wake Up Button

The Wake Up button will prepare a specific line for receiving messages. This button will also give back an estimated time on how long it will take for it to be ready, so that you can determine when to request a code or trigger a message to be sent to your line.