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Cyber Week: Staying Safe & Avoiding Spam

Posted on 08/03/23 05:11 am

Happy Cyber Monday! Today marks the start of a week of awesome online deals for all you holiday shoppers out there.

Have you tried using one of our phone number rental subscriptions for your accounts with different online vendors? It’s always safer to avoid giving out your real phone number to various businesses, but did you know that we can also help you avoid spam messages?

This time of the year if you make a single purchase with an online merchant, you’ll receive tons of text messages from now until New Year’s. Even if you only buy a few things from a handful of vendors, you’ll still get inundated with annoying text messages.

If you don’t plan to reply to any of these messages or you don’t need text updates from each online seller, then you can use a temporary phone number rental to sign up for a new account with each website. Validate or verify your new account via smspinverify and you’ll never have to look at a single spam message afterwards.

If you still want to see all those messages about sales and deals, but you want to check them on your own terms, use a rental phone number subscription so they won’t clog up your real phone number. Instead, you can stay on top of the sales by checking your messages on your subscription phone number from your smspinverify account.

Alternatively, if you do want to see these messages right away (Amazon Treasure Truck, anyone?), you can always have them forwarded from your phone number rental subscription line to your personal phone number. This is also a good option if you like to keep track of delivery status updates via text message.

Happy shopping and verifying!