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Resurrect: How Does It Work?

Posted on 23/03/23 06:33 am

Looking to learn about our new Resurrect feature? You’ve come to the right place!

Under your account, click on Verifications –> History to view your previous verifications. If a verification is eligible for resurrection, there will be a “Resurrect” button under the Actions column. The button will then tell you how much it will cost to resurrect the number, which is often lower than the cost of doing a new verification entirely.

If a number is not available for resurrection, there are three possible reasons:

The number is NO longer available in our system and unfortunately we won’t be able to get it back for you.
You’ve reused and/or resurrected the same number multiple times for one service. Only the last verification you completed with that number will be eligible to Resurrect.
You’re still within the timeframe for a standard Reuse.
One thing to consider: Resurrect is meant more for those times when you’re surprised by a re-verification request. If it’s possible you’ll need a number again, you might prefer a short-term rental.

At smspinverify, you can reuse and resurrect numbers even after you’ve used them for a short while. And if that isn’t enough time, you can always take out a weekly rental or a monthly plan for a permanent number over at our partner site, smspinverify.

But sometimes you won’t know that you’ll need the same number again until you’re asked for it. When that happens, smspinverify is here for you.