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How to Make a Coinbase Account Without a Phone Number

Posted in on 06/03/23 04:19 pm

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy, sell, and store digital currency. According to its website, Coinbase has over 100 Million verified users, so the app is used by a large number of cryptocurrency investors. If you are just breaking into crypto, Coinbase is a great starting point. 

If you are wanting to use Coinbase to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to create a verified account. This requires you to provide an active phone number to verify your account. This can be problematic if you don’t have a phone number to provide. To remedy this, there are some ways you can bypass this requirement. Most of the methods that you can find online are limited in their odds of working. This step-by-step guide will show you everything you need to do to get SMS verification for Coinbase. 

New Apps
New Apps

Posted in on 19/02/23 03:49 pm

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    How to create a Tinder account without a phone number

    Posted in on 19/02/23 04:41 pm

    How to create a Tinder account without a phone number

    Tinder is a widely used mobile app for dating. When creating an account for Tinder, you are required to provide your phone number to register for a new account. This can be troublesome for users who don’t have an active US phone number for verification or don’t feel comfortable providing their personal phone number to Tinder. 

    Regardless of what hinders you from creating an account on Tinder, there is a way to create an account without using your phone number. There are many methods, like using phone numbers available online or using free phone numbers. Few of these methods are as successful as the following method. Save yourself time and energy by reading further to get SMS verification quickly. 

    smspinverify and smspinverify Merge

    Posted in on 07/03/23 11:40 am

    We are excited to announce that we are in the process of merging smspinverify and smspinverify into one site. This consolidation will provide you with a more streamlined and improved experience. However, during this transition period, you will experience temporary redirects between the two sites.

    This first phase of the merge consists of combining two key components: account information/access and the support ticket system.

    Account information/access refers to pages related to logging in and managing your user account, such as changing passwords and setting up two-factor authentication (2FA). During the transition period, all logins will be redirected and completed on the smspinverify website. To access smspinverify after you log in, you can simply go to Management of your account will also be done on smspinverify – once you’ve finished reviewing/updating your settings and wish to go back to smspinverify , you can click on the “smspinverify” button in the top right.
    The support ticket system is the platform that allows you to submit and track requests for technical assistance or customer support. During the transition period, all creation and tracking of tickets will be done on the smspinverify website – when creating a ticket, please make sure to select from the dropdown if you are contacting us about your smspinverify or smspinverify account so we can better assist you.
    All other areas such as credit/balances, orders, line information/history, API endpoints, and features still remain separate and will be merged at a later date.

    Please be assured that your account and all data are preserved and secured and will be available to you throughout the merging process. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we work to enhance your online experience.

    If you have any questions or concerns, our customer support team is available to assist you. We are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible.

    Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

    How To Play LoL Clash Without a Phone Number

    Posted in on 07/03/23 11:45 am

    League of Legends (LoL )is a massively popular MOBA game. Riot Games recently released a new way to play LoL. LoL Clash allows players to create a team and compete with other teams in a tournament-like fashion. If you want to jump into this high-octane game mode, you’ll need to have a registered LoL account with an active phone number.

    This restriction can be inconvenient for anyone concerned about keeping their personal information safe. Luckily, there are ways to bypass this restriction. The most popular method for bypassing SMS verification is by using a virtual phone number. In this guide, you’ll learn how to use a virtual phone number to create a LoL account. 

    Getting Started: How to Bypass SMS Verification 
    There are hundreds of virtual phone providers that offer US phone numbers for verification. Many of these providers offer used or illegitimate numbers that won’t work and you’ll end up wasting your time and money. The purpose of using a virtual phone number is for convenience and safety, which many of these providers lack. Luckily for you, there’s Text Verified. 

    Meet smspinverify
    When you search online for how to bypass SMS verification, you’ll be bombarded with hundreds of virtual phone number providers in the search results. You can avoid spending hours sifting through sites and trying different numbers to no avail by using smspinverify.
    smspinverify provides thousands of new US phone numbers for verification daily. These phone numbers are provided by legitimate US phone companies. This allows users to always get SMS verification with little to no error messages. Not only do these numbers work for text and SMS verification, but they can be used for voice verification as well. 

    How To Get SMS Verification with smspinverify
    All that you’ll need to create a LoL Clash account without a phone number is a PC and five to ten minutes of your time. Using the smspinverifymobile app can work in a pinch, but to avoid any time-out issues, we recommend using a PC. Follow these steps and you’ll be playing Clash in no time. 

    Step 1: Sign up for smspinverify
    The first step in this process is to create a smspinverify account. Go to to start creating your account. You’ll be asked to provide an email address and a password. After you’ve finished this, make sure to verify your email so you can use all of smspinverify verification services. 

    Step 2: Ensure That You Can Play LoL Clash
    To enter a clash tournament, you’ll need to be level 30, complete placements in a minimum of one Summoner’s Rift ranked queue, be Honor Level 2, and have SMS verification. After these requirements have been met, you’ll need a Clash ticket, a team to play with, and for each member of your team to lock in before the first game starts in the tournament. 

    Step 3: Open Clash in the LoL Client
    Find and locate the Clash tab in the League of Legends client. After you’ve done this, click “Team” and find your name. Next to your name will be a button labeled “Confirm SMS”. After this, you’ll be asked to provide a phone number for SMS verification. 

    Step 4: On smspinverify, Locate the Verifications Tab
    From smspinverify homepage, locate the ‘Verifications’ tab in the top left corner of the page as shown below. Click the tab to bring down a list of all verification services that smspinverifyoffers. For SMS verification, click ‘Text & SMS’ to be taken to the service search page. 

    Step 5: Search for League of Legends in the Search Bar
    This page is a list of all of the services that you can get SMS verification for. Type ‘League of Legends’ into the search bar. This will bring League of Legends to the top of the service list. Before continuing, make sure that the ‘Status’ column for League of Legends reads as ‘New’ or ‘Used’. This indicates that there are new or used US numbers for verification. 

    If the status reads as ‘N/A’, then you may have to wait as no new phone numbers are available for SMS verification. This is a rare occurrence, but smspinverifyacquires new phone numbers daily so you won’t have to wait very long. 

    Make sure you haven’t been disconnected from LoL and that you can still enter a phone number in the required field before proceeding. Once you generate a phone number, you’ll only have a few minutes to use it before it expires.

    Once you are ready, click ‘League of Legends’ to get a US phone number for verification. 

    Step 6: Generate a Temporary Number and Get SMS Verification 
    Once you’ve arrived on the SMS verification page, look for your virtual phone number (shown below). Copy this number and enter it into the required field on the LoL client. After a short period, your SMS verification code will pop up in the ‘Message’ column. Make sure to only send one SMS verification code as it can result in issues with your code. 

    Copy this code and enter it into the required field on the LoL client. Once you’ve been verified, you can now proceed to use all of the features of LoL Clash. 

    smspinverifyWorks for Nearly Everything
    smspinverify allows you to play LoL Clash without having to provide a personal phone number. This process can be done with any of the services available on Text Verified’s service list. With Text Verified, you’ll never have to worry about SMS verification again.  

    Now that you can continue getting ready for the next LoL Clash tournament, you may be wondering what other services you can get SMS verification for. smspinverify works for services like Whatsapp, Tinder, Blizzard, and hundreds more. If you ever need SMS verification, smspinverify has got you covered. 

    How to register an UberEats account without a phone number

    Posted in on 07/03/23 11:52 am

    Uber Eats is a convenient service that allows you to order food online and have it brought to your home or business. When you sign up for Uber Eats, you’ll be required to verify your phone number to finalize your account. If you don’t have a valid phone number, it can be a hassle trying to find a workaround or loophole to exploit. 

    There are several ways you can bypass Uber Eats’ text messaging verification. You could utilize mobile apps that offer you free phone numbers with limited success. Another option is trying out the various lists of phone numbers listed online, but again, this option isn’t fully guaranteed to work. Luckily for you, we’ve got the easiest and fastest way to get your account verified. 

    smspinverify: Your Last Stop For Text Message Verification  
    An active phone number is often required to verify or create accounts across many apps and services. This can be troublesome for people who don’t have a US number available for text message verification. This is where smspinverify steps in to get you verified and signed up for UberEats in less than five minutes.

    smspinverify offers users a reliable way to get verified for services like Uber, Tinder, and even Google. The phone numbers are collected from major US phone companies to provide users instant SMS verification. If you are looking for a way to get a US phone number for verification with the least amount of effort, smspinverify has got your back.  

    Get SMS Verification for UberEats
    In just minutes, you can get a US number for SMS verification by following these quick and easy steps. smspinverify is user friendly and the most reliable way to get SMS verification without running into error messages. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to create and use an UberEats account in no time. 

    Step 1: Sign Up for UberEats
    The first step to getting SMS verification for UberEats is to sign up or create a new account. You can do this from a mobile device or on PC, but we recommend using PC for simplicity’s sake.  Enter in your email address in the required field to get started. You can also use another account creation method like Google, Apple, or Facebook sign up. 

    Step 2: Verify Your Email
    After you sign up with a new email address, a four digit code will be sent to the email that you used. Once you enter in the four digit code, your email will be verified and you’ll be one step closer to getting SMS verified for UberEats. 

    Step 3: Open smspinverify and Sign Up
    Head to smspinverify and enter in your email address to get started. Signing up will be just as easy as UberEats sign up process. You’ll be sent an email to verify your smspinverify account, which requires you to simply click a link in the email. Once you’ve finished verifying your email, you’ll be ready to get a US number for verification in minutes! 

    Step 4: Click on the Verifications Tab
    Once you’ve finished signing up and logging in, you’ll be taken to the smspinverify homepage. You can learn a lot of information about how smspinverify acquires US numbers for verification and other services that they offer like voice verification. 

    To get SMS verification, simply click on the ‘verifications’ tab located in the top left corner, right next to the smspinverify logo. Clicking on the ‘verifications’ tab will open up a drop down menu where you then can select ‘Text & SMS’ to proceed. 

    Step 5: Search For UberEats in the Search Bar
    Simply type in ‘UberEats’ into the search bar and UberEats should arrive at the top of the list. You’ll now be able to click ‘UberEats’ to get a US number for verification. If you run into any issues, it may be from limited number availability or an insufficient credit balance.

    To get more credits, simply click on your balance located in the top right corner. You can acquire credits with various cryptocurrencies or debit and credit cards. The minimum amount you can purchase is 2.5 credits, which translates to approximately $2.50.  

    Step 6: Get a US Number Generated for Verification
    Make sure that you have everything ready to go as you’ll be timed during this step. smspinverify gives you ten minutes to get SMS verification. If you dont receive the SMS in that time – dont worry – you wont be charged.

    Once you reach this page, simply copy and paste the phone number that has been generated for you into the correct field for UberEats. Once you have entered in the phone number that has been generated, you’ll be asked to provide a four digit code that can be found in the ‘Message’ column on smspinverify.  

    Simply enter that code in, and you’ll be asked to complete some basic information and then you are all set to begin using your brand new UberEats account! 

    smspinverify Works with Hundreds of Other Services Too! 
    Getting SMS verification for UberEats and other services doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you have a PC and five minutes, you’ll be able to get a US phone number for verification generated in the blink of an eye. If you don’t feel comfortable trusting certain companies with your phone number, you can always get one generated lightning fast. 

    Now that you are able to access UberEats by using one of smspinverify’s US numbers for verification, you may be wondering what other services you can use this trick with. smspinverify is constantly adding more services to provide fast and easy SMS verification, which means that if you need text message verification, chances are that you’ll find what you need on smspinverify.

    How to Create a Telegram Account Without a Phone Number

    Posted in on 08/03/23 04:55 am

    Telegram is a secure messaging app that has become extremely popular. Telegram stands out because it uses a cloud-based messaging service that allows you to retain access to your media from several devices. Telegram does require an active phone number for you to create an account and use its messaging services. While Telegram claims to be a secure service that you can trust with your personal information, it never hurts to add a layer of protection. 

    You can bypass Telegram’s phone number requirement by using a service that provides virtual phone numbers for SMS verification. Hundreds of websites offer these services, but this guide will be using the safest and most trusted virtual phone number provider: smspinverify . 

    Welcome to smspinverify 
    smspinverify offers verification for SMS, voice, and text messaging. This is done by providing phone numbers offered by major US phone companies. These phone numbers are safe to use when creating accounts that require SMS verification. What sets smspinverify apart from the rest is that these phone numbers actually work.

    Most websites offer virtual phone numbers that are recycled and reused. Attempting to use these numbers can leave you unable to get around verification. Instead of wasting time cycling between several sketchy websites, you can get SMS verification in minutes. smspinverify cares about keeping personal information safe on the internet, and offers the best solution to avoid handing out your phone number. 

    A Step-by-Step Guide To Getting SMS Verification
    You can create an account for Telegram by using a phone number provided by smspinverify . We recommend using a personal computer while using smspinverify as it’s faster and less likely to time out. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to create your Telegram account without ever having to give out your phone number. 

    Step 1: Download the Telegram Application
    If you already have downloaded Telegram, you can proceed to the next step. Follow this link and select which version of Telegram you wish to download. Once you finish downloading Telegram you’ll be asked to provide a phone number. 

    Step 2: Sign up for smspinverify 
    You’ll need a smspinverify account if you want to use their SMS verification services. Head over to smspinverify to create your account. You’ll be asked to provide some basic information like your email address, name, and password. After you create an account, make sure to verify your email address so you can sign into your account and increase your account’s security. 

    Step 3: Open the ‘Verifications’ Tab and Click ‘Text & SMS’
    On the smspinverify homepage, look in the top left corner for the ‘Verifications’ tab. Once you click the tab, a list of verification methods will appear. Here you can choose from text and voice verifications, rental numbers available, and see your virtual number history. Click on ‘Text & SMS’ to be taken to smspinverifylist of services that provide US phone numbers for verification. 

    Step 4: Search for Telegram on the Service List
    Once you’ve made it to the list of services that smspinverify covers, enter ‘Telegram’ into the search field. Telegram will rise to the top of the services list. Before you continue to generate a US phone number for verification, check the status of Telegram. This can be found under the ‘Status’ column. 

    Make sure that Telegram is in a ‘New’ or ‘Used’ status before continuing. The ‘New’ status means that new virtual phone numbers for SMS are available to use. The ‘Used’ status indicates that only previously used phone numbers are available. 

    If Telegram’s status reads out as ‘N/A’, you’ll be unable to get SMS verification for a brief period. smspinverify is constantly adding new phone numbers for verification daily, so check back frequently to see if new numbers have become available. Click on Telegram to continue to the next step. 

    Step 5: Generate A Number For SMS Verification and Get Verified 
    You’ll only have a few minutes to verify your generated number before it becomes unavailable. On this screen, locate your virtual phone number (shown below) and enter it in the required field on Telegram.

    Once you’ve done this, keep an eye on the message column to see if you’ve received your verification code. It can take up to two minutes to receive a message from Telegram. Don’t resend the verification code multiple times as you’ll end up with errors with your codes. 

    After your code is generated, enter it into Telegram and you can proceed with your account creation. Telegram will require you to provide some basic information for your account. After this, you’ll be free to use Telegram’s services.

    smspinverify Works for Telegram and Many Other Services
    You can get SMS verification for Telegram easily by using a virtual phone number provided by smspinverify . No other virtual phone number provider offers you the safest and most reliable US numbers for verification like smspinverify . This guide works for hundreds of other services like Whatsapp, Tinder, Paypal, and so many more! 

    The next time that a company asks you to provide your phone number, consider taking five minutes to use a virtual phone number. This can keep your phone and personal information safe from money-hungry companies that want to sell your data. If you are interested in all of smspinverifyfeatures, head over to 

    How to create a Google Voice account without a phone number

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:00 am

    Google Voice is a phone service that allows you to use a number provided by google to send texts, calls, and voicemails. Making a Google Voice account will give you access to all of these features, but SMS verification is required to make an account. This can be problematic if you don’t want to provide your personal phone number to Google or if you don’t have an active phone number to create an account. Luckily, you can still create a Google Voice account without a phone number. This article will show you a quick and simple way to get SMS verification. 

    Skip the Nonsense and Use Getting SMS verification for Google Voice can be a tedious task if you don’t have an active US phone number. If you search for solutions online, you are most likely going to run into phone numbers that may not even work. Plus, you’ll spend a lot of your time searching for something that won’t give your PC or mobile device a virus. 

    Your first stop to get SMS verification should be smspinverify. smspinverifyoffers legitimate US phone numbers for verification that have been collected from major phone companies. These phone numbers will allow you to get text message verification in just minutes and it works 99% of the time. With smspinverify, you’ll never need to worry about providing your personal phone number to companies again. 

    Get SMS Verification for Google Voice
    Getting text message verification for Google Voice is an easy process and can be completed in just a few minutes on a PC or on mobile. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to create a Google Voice account without providing your personal phone number. 

    Step 1: Sign Up for Google Voice
    Open up a new tab and go to You’ll be reminded that you’ll need an existing US-based mobile or landline phone number to be able to create an account. Luckily, using smspinverify, you can get around this. 

    Start the signup process by entering your preferred city or area code into the required field. After you enter that information, you’ll be prompted to choose a google voice number. After you choose your number, you’ll be prompted to enter a phone number to link to your account. 

    Step 2: Sign up for smspinverify
    In another tab, head over to smspinverify to create a smspinverifyaccount. Click on ‘Get Started’ to begin the account creation process for smspinverify. You’ll need to provide your email address and some basic information. Once you’ve selected your password, you can proceed with your account creation.

    After you’ve done this, make sure to verify your email address that you used to create your smspinverifyaccount. After this step, you’ll be able to use your smspinverifyaccount anytime you need fast text message verification. 

    Step 3: Go to the Verifications Tab
    Once you are signed into your smspinverifyaccount, click on the Verifications tab found in the top left corner of the smspinverifyhome page. From the drop-down list select ‘Text and SMS’ to be taken to the list of available US phone numbers for verification. 

    Step 4: Find Google Voice in the Search Bar 
    Type ‘Google Voice’ into the search bar which will show the selection for Google Voice at the top of the search results. Make sure that the service status is ‘New’ to ensure that new phone numbers are available for SMS verification. If there are no new numbers available, check back later to see if new phone numbers become available. smspinverifyis constantly acquiring numbers for SMS verification, so you may only have to wait for a brief period. 

    After you find Google Voice in the search bar, click on it to get a US phone number for verification. Make sure that you have everything ready in another tab to quickly enter the generated phone number as you’ll only have a limited amount of time to verify the number. 

    Step 5: Generate Your Phone Number and Get Verified 
    After you select Google Voice from the search bar, you’ll be taken to a separate screen where your phone number has been generated. Copy and paste this phone number into the required field on Google Voice. After you do this, you’ll receive your verification code in the ‘message’ column. Copy and paste the verification code into Google Voice and you’ll be verified! 

    After you get verified on Google Voice, you can finish making your account to have access to all of Google Voice’s features. 

    smspinverify Works for Other Services Too
    Now that you can use your Google Voice account, you may be wondering what other services that smspinverifyworks for. smspinverifyprovides SMS verification for hundreds of services like Paypal, Amazon, Apple, and so many more. Getting a US phone number for verification is fast and easy when you use smspinverify

    You can use your smspinverify account to avoid giving out your personal phone number to companies and avoid getting marketing messages and keep your personal information safe. The next time you are asked to provide your personal phone number, keep smspinverify in mind. 

    How to Make a PayPal Account Without a Phone Number

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:02 am

    Paypal is one of the world’s most widespread ways to send money and get paid digitally. One setback of creating a PayPal account is that an active phone number is required to finish account creation. This can be a setback for those who don’t have a phone number or prefer not to give theirs out. There are a few ways that you can use to get around this issue, like getting a free number created online, but very few of these methods will actually work. 

    If you want to create a PayPal account without using your personal phone number, continue reading, and you’ll be done in less than five minutes


    Get Text Message Verification from smspinverify
    If you want to get SMS verified for Paypal without having to provide your personal phone number, your first stop should be smspinverify. Don’t waste your time with dozens of other sites that promise to provide free phone numbers for SMS verification. Often you’ll end up jumping through a bunch of hoops and end up wasting time and not being able to proceed with account creation. 

    smspinverify works by using real phone numbers that have been provided by legitimate US phone companies. These numbers can be generated for you in a manner of seconds, which allows you to get SMS verification for Paypal and hundreds of other services. Only you have access to the number provided to you, and they are not reused for the same service.

    Follow These Steps to Get Verified 
    You can get a phone number generated in just a few minutes if you use smspinverify. This method works 99% of the time and works for hundreds of other services. Follow these steps to create your new PayPal account without having to provide your personal phone number. 

    Step 1: Sign Up for PayPal
    The first step to creating a PayPal account without a phone number is to start the sign-up process for PayPal. We recommend that you use a personal computer for this process as doing it on mobile can result in mixed outcomes. Once you fill in your basic information for PayPal, you’ll eventually be asked to provide a phone number. Once this occurs, you can proceed to the next step. 

    Step 2: Verify your PayPal Email Address
    This is very important as you’ll have to start this process over in the future if you fail to verify your PayPal email address. If you verify your new PayPal account, you’ll be able to recover the account if you forget your password, and you’ll be able to avoid having to use SMS verification in the future. Once you verify your email address, you can begin making an account for smspinverify. 

    Step 3: Sign Up For smspinverify  
    You’ll need to first make an account on smspinverify if you want to be able to get phone numbers generated for text verification. Don’t worry, account creation is easy and fast and you’ll be able to use your smspinverify for future verification. All you need to create an account is your basic information. Once you finish creating an account, make sure to also verify your smspinverify account email. 

    Step 4: Locate the Verifications Tab on smspinverify 
    Once you’ve completed email verification for smspinverify, look for the ‘Verifications’ tab on the navigation bar shown below. Underneath the ‘Verifications’ tab will be the selection for ‘Text & SMS’, which will take you to our master list of all services that smspinverify offers SMS verification for. 

    Step 5: Search for PayPal in the Search Bar
    To get SMS verification for PayPal, you’ll have to first use the search bar on smspinverify to determine if any new or used phone numbers are available for use. Simply search for ‘PayPal’ in the search bar and Paypal will show up as the first or second result. 

    To avoid any issues, make sure that the status for PayPal reads ‘New’ or ‘Used’ to ensure that US phone numbers are available for verification. If you are unable to proceed by clicking on ‘PayPal’ in the left column, you may have to recharge your current balance, which you can check by clicking in the top right corner. Generally, you’ll only need one or two credits to generate a phone number for SMS verification, which is $1-2. 

    Step 6: Generate A Phone Number
    This step will be timed, so make sure that you have everything ready on both PayPal and smspinverify. When you are ready to proceed, click on ‘PayPal’ in the leftmost column and it will take you to a page where a phone number will have been generated for you. Take this number, copy it, and paste it into the field requesting your phone number on PayPal’s website. 

    After this, the ‘Message’ column on smspinverify should update with the verification code that you’ll need to finalize your PayPal account’s creation. Copy this code and enter it into PayPal and you’ll be finished and left with a verified PayPal account to use. 

    Get SMS Verification For Other Services
    You can quickly and easily get a US phone number for verification generated to create accounts for services like PayPal, Google Voice, Uber, and hundreds of other similar services. Companies want to steal and sell your data, and you can protect yourself by keeping yourself as hidden as possible by not providing your personal phone number. 

    smspinverify offers the best workaround to avoid providing your personal phone number to these companies and services. Consider using your smspinverify account the next time you need a phone number to verify your account to avoid future headaches.

    Subscription Renewal Improvements: Automatic Retries

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:03 am

    We have made some updates to subscription renewal, including a highly requested feature: automatic subscription renewal retries! If renewal fails and you top up your account, but forget to manually renew your subscription, we’ll take care of it for you. We’ll attempt a second renewal before your subscription expires. Note that this will only occur for new subscriptions or subscriptions that have successfully renewed after October 18th, 2022.

    There are also other smaller changes related to renewal that have been made, which are detailed below:

    Subscriptions will not move to the next cycle when renewal succeeds, and will only do so at the end of their current cycle. So the date a subscription ends will not change until that date.
    We’ve added information to the subscription details page indicating the date that individual lines have been renewed through, to make it clear what has been renewed. See the image below highlighting where to find this information.
    The text of our automated emails has been improved to provide more detail about the subscription involved.
    Renewal costs now reflect the costs for the current cycle. If a subscription has already renewed, then the renewal costs will show up as zero as there is nothing left to renew.

    API Changes

    Along with this comes a few changes to our APIs around subscriptions.

    As in the UI, when renewal occurs for a subscription (automatically or manually), the start and end dates will not update until the end of the subscription cycle.
    As in the UI, the renewal cost for a subscription is now only for the current cycle. If a subscription has already renewed this cycle, the renewal cost will show as zero until the subscription is updated to the next cycle at the end of the current one.
    Subscription reservations have two new fields on them, “prepaidCycles” and “renewedThrough”.
    PrepaidCycles is the number of cycles for which the reservation has been prepaid, which is increased by 1 when renewal succeeds.
    RenewedThrough is the projected date for which a reservation has been renewed through, based on the subscription cycle and the number of prepaid cycles of the reservation. The reservation will need to be renewed again before that date for it to continue.
    Subscriptions have a new field “cycleLength” that indicates the duration of the subscription’s cycle. This will be in the format “d.h:mm:ss”, so a subscription lasting 36 hours would have a duration of “1.12:00:00”.
    Posted byMike McKayOctober 18, 2022Posted inPublishedLeave a commenton Subscription Renewal Improvements: Automatic Retries
    Shorter Rentals and Instant Availability
    We’re excited to announce that we are now selling shorter temporary numbers (1 day and 3 day) as well as offering the option of buying any of our products with instant availability (no need to ever hit Wake Up before using your line).

    Shorter Rentals

    In addition to being able to purchase a number for a single service for one week or two weeks, you now have the option to reserve a line for only one or three days for a reduced price. No need to pay more if you only need it for a short amount of time. Please note that like one and two week lines, these are not renewable. If you think you might need to get it back after the period you purchased it for, a one month line might be a better fit for you (since these can be renewed as much as you want).

    Instant Availability

    We know many of you don’t like having to “Wake Up” your lines before using them. To better serve you, we introduced the option to purchase lines that you will always be ready to receive messages without you ever having to wake them up. You can now buy any of our products with Instant Availability to make sure you will always get your messages without delay.

    For temporary numbers, simply flip the Instant Availability toggle for the subscription length you wish to purchase. Then checkout like you normally do and the number(s) you purchase will always be availabile without any need to ever wake them up.

    When purchasing permanent numbers, you will see a new screen giving you the option of either the standard availability (which requires Wake Up), or Instant Availability.

    Please feel free to reach out to support if you have any questions or suggestions. We are always trying to adjust what we offer to better serve you.

    Update: More Numbers, Better Service

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:05 am

    Hey smspinverify and smspinverify users, a great new update is coming your way: we’ve been working hard to increase our supply of available phone number rental lines.

    Starting with temporary single service, you’ll soon see greater availability for rental numbers. Permanent multi-purpose lines will be up next, followed by permanent single service.

    Now you’ll be able to buy larger quantities of number rentals from our rapidly-growing supply. We’ll be restocking popular numbers more frequently, and a bigger supply also means that maximum purchase allowances will increase. As always, contact us with any questions or comments at smspinverify or smspinverify . Happy verifying!

    New Payment Options for smspinverify: Alipay

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:06 am

    Looking to purchase more credits for your smspinverify account? We’ve recently added Alipay as a new payment option.

    To use Alipay, log-in to your smspinverify account and select the “Credit Card (USD)” payment option.

    Click “Continue”. On the next page, you’ll see an option at the bottom to select Alipay.

    Once you’ve topped up your smspinverify credits, remember that you can always transfer them to a linked smspinverify account using our new Balance Transfer feature. Happy verifying!

    New Feature: Balance Transfers

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:08 am

    Yesterday we explained how to link a smspinverify account to a smspinverify account and vice-versa. Today we’re going to show you how to do a balance transfer of credits between two linked accounts.

    Here’s a smspinverify account with $25.01 in credit. Let’s transfer $10 to a linked smspinverify account.

    Step 1: Under the “Platform-Link” button, click “Balance Transfers”

    Step 2: Enter the amount of credits you would like to transfer

    Step 3: Choose which account you would like to transfer the credits to

    Step 4: Click “Create Transfer”

    Step 5: Approve the transfer

    Until you “approve” the transfer, your credits will be listed in your linked account as “awaiting approval.”

    After approving the transfer, you should see the transferred credits added to your balance. Please note that credit transfers may take several minutes to process. Happy verifying!

    Site Update: Connect Your TV and PB Accounts

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:09 am

    We know you love us so much that you probably have a smspinverify account and a smspinverify account. Now the update you’ve been waiting for is finally here: starting today, you can link your smspinverify account and your smspinverify account!

    How to Link Accounts:

    Step 1: Log-in to both your smspinverify account and your smspinverify account. We’ll use a smspinverify account for this tutorial, but the process is the same from either account. Also, logging-in to both of your accounts now makes this process much faster.

    Step 2: Navigate to the new “Platform-Link” button and click “Enroll”

    Step 3: Click “Activate”

    Step 4: Click “Link” next to the account you want to connect

    Step 5: Copy the PIN code and click “here” to navigate to the site/account you’re trying to link to — this is easier if you’ve already logged in to both your accounts.

    Step 6: Paste the PIN into the text bar — you’ll notice that you have been directed to the site for your other account. You’ll then see a page that says “Enrollment Successful.”

    To toggle between your accounts, use the “Platform-Link” dropdown bar, which will now look like this on both sites, and click on the icon for the site you want to access:

    You should also see both accounts listed now under “Manage Linked Accounts.” Happy verifying!

    New smspinverify Feature: Simultaneous Pending Verifications

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:10 am

    Ever wished you could start a new smspinverify verification while your current one is “pending”? When you initiate a new verification, you receive a certain amount of time to access your verification code.

    Sometimes you may want to start a second verification, but you’re stuck waiting for the timer to run down on your first verification.

    Now you can have two “pending” verifications active at the same time!

    If you purchase $50 in credit via smspinverify, this option will be available to you immediately — you can do this in a single transaction, or multiple smaller transactions that add up to $50.

    If you’ve already spent $50 with us in the past, this new feature will be available on your account the next time you top up your credit balance, regardless of the the amount you’ve just added.

    As always, if you need to access more than two “pending” verifications at the same time, please contact our support team and we’ll see what we can do. Happy verifiying!

    Cyber Week: Staying Safe & Avoiding Spam

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:11 am

    Happy Cyber Monday! Today marks the start of a week of awesome online deals for all you holiday shoppers out there.

    Have you tried using one of our phone number rental subscriptions for your accounts with different online vendors? It’s always safer to avoid giving out your real phone number to various businesses, but did you know that we can also help you avoid spam messages?

    This time of the year if you make a single purchase with an online merchant, you’ll receive tons of text messages from now until New Year’s. Even if you only buy a few things from a handful of vendors, you’ll still get inundated with annoying text messages.

    If you don’t plan to reply to any of these messages or you don’t need text updates from each online seller, then you can use a temporary phone number rental to sign up for a new account with each website. Validate or verify your new account via smspinverify and you’ll never have to look at a single spam message afterwards.

    If you still want to see all those messages about sales and deals, but you want to check them on your own terms, use a rental phone number subscription so they won’t clog up your real phone number. Instead, you can stay on top of the sales by checking your messages on your subscription phone number from your smspinverify account.

    Alternatively, if you do want to see these messages right away (Amazon Treasure Truck, anyone?), you can always have them forwarded from your phone number rental subscription line to your personal phone number. This is also a good option if you like to keep track of delivery status updates via text message.

    Happy shopping and verifying!

    smspinverify: Changes to Message Handling

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:13 am

    We are rolling out new changes to how you can view and receive your messages for lines you have rented on smspinverify. In addition to the view of all your messages, you can also view just your messages for a specific subscription or the messages for a specific line in one of your subscriptions. This enables you to just see the messages you currently care about.

    Viewing Your Messages

    The easiest way to view all the messages all your lines have received is to click “Messages” in the top bar:

    If you have a large number of subscriptions, you might want to just view the messages for a specific subscription. You can do this by clicking on My Subscriptions-> Manage, and then clicking the View button next to the subscription you care about:

    At the bottom of the page for that subscription, there is a Latest Messages button:

    Clicking that button takes you to the page where you just see the messages for that specific subscription.

    On both of these pages, next to each message you’ve already received, you’ll see a new “Wake Up” button under the Actions column:

    If instead you want to just view the messages for a specific one of your lines, you can go to the page for the subscription the line is in and click the View Messages button next to the line you care about. You will also find a “Wake Up” button on the same page:

    On the specific line page, the “Wake Up” button will be at the top of the page:

    Wake Up Button

    The Wake Up button will prepare a specific line for receiving messages. This button will also give back an estimated time on how long it will take for it to be ready, so that you can determine when to request a code or trigger a message to be sent to your line.

    Dating Apps: Privacy & Security

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:17 am

    Did you know we offer subscription lines to over a dozen dating apps? Check out some of our current offerings below:

    Coffee Meets Bagel
    Plenty of Fish
    Coffee Meets Bagel
    We provide phone number rental subscriptions to all the major dating apps like OkCupid, Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, and Hinge.

    Why use a rental phone number on a dating app? If you’re setting up a profile on a dating app like OkCupid or Bumble, chances are you might encounter some weird people before you meet “the one.” Using a rental phone number line ensures your privacy and security while still allowing you to access the huge online dating market.

    Worried about catfishing on online dating apps like Tinder or Hinge? A rental phone number also comes in handy when you meet people in real life and they’re not exactly who you expect. It’s much easier to leave this situation when a person doesn’t already have your real personal cell phone number.

    A rental phone number subscription for dating apps also ensures your digital safety if you are exploring your sexuality privately on a dating app like Grindr. With a rental subscription line, you can use these dating apps securely without worrying about conservative family members or friends nosing into your business.

    Dating apps can be lots of fun, as long as you take steps to protect your privacy. With smspinverify phone number rental subscription plans, you can meet the guy or gal of your dreams without compromising your safety. Happy verifying!

    Uber Eats & DoorDash: Save on Food Delivery

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:18 am

    Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to cook. Food delivery apps are a great way to get a good meal and support your local restaurants. DoorDash and Uber Eats are two of the most popular food delivery services out there.

    When you set-up a temporary phone number rental service on smspinverify or smspinverify, you can register for multiple accounts on DoorDash and Uber Eats. With multiple DoorDash and Uber Eats accounts, you can take advantage of all the available promotions.

    When it comes to food delivery apps, often there are some great promotions for new users. Discounts, coupons, and cash back are frequently offered when you register a new account with a food delivery service like DoorDash or Uber Eats.

    If you use other food delivery services, please let us know and we can add them to our database of services that can be accessed with temporary phone number subscriptions.

    In the meantime, if you’re feeling hungry and looking for your next food delivery, just set-up a new account on DoorDash or Uber Eats using one of our temporary number rentals and take advantage of some great promotions. Happy verifying–and eating!

    New Lower Prices!

    Posted in on 08/03/23 05:19 am

    Hey smspinverify and smspinverify users, have you seen our new lower prices lately? We’ve cut prices by up to 40% on over 200 of our most popular services.

    We know you have lots of options for your verifying needs, but we’d like you to stick around with us. With our new lower prices, you won’t have to choose between exceptional service and low-cost rentals. We still offer the same great service you’re used to, but with extremely competitive prices.

    Did you know we’ve also removed surge pricing? Now you’ll pay the same flat rate for any given service, regardless of its popularity or demand.

    We’ve heard your feedback and we now cover all credit card transaction fees too!

    And if you’re interested in the deals we run on bulk purchases, just reach out to our customer support team. We love our customers and want to make sure you have a superior experience verifying with us. Happy verifying!

    smspinverify: Single Service Temporary Numbers

    Posted in on 15/03/23 01:38 pm

    Need a temporary number for a single service? Do you only require access to this number for a short amount of time? A temporary subscription plan could be the right choice for you!

    Single service temporary numbers provide a US-based phone number for use on one designated service. You can rent these numbers in increments of one week or two weeks.

    This service is offered as a temporary subscription plan: there are no renewals, no hassle, and no need to remember to top up your credit balance.

    Some things to know about single service temporary numbers:

    You can purchase multiple temporary single services at one time, but you cannot combine them with permanent service purchases.
    You cannot purchase different weekly increments at the same time, i.e. all your temporary numbers in a single purchase must be for either one week or two weeks.
    Certain popular single services will not be available in all weekly increments, i.e. you may only be able to purchase a one week subscription for some high-volume services.
    Please note: old temporary number subscriptions will be grandfathered-in to our new subscription model. This means that you may continue to use them until they reach their “maximum availability date.” At that time, you will have to re-purchase these single services through our new temporary subscription plans.



    Happy verifying!

    smspinverify Feature: Requesting A Service

    Posted in on 15/03/23 01:40 pm

    id you know you can make requests for popular services? We now offer this feature for both temporary and permanent rentals.

    Sometimes you might require a specific service that is currently unavailable on our sites. This service will show up under our service listings, but when you click “Add,” you will be taken to a provisioning request page.

    On the provisioning request page, you will be able to request the service and pay for it: we’ll either get the service up and running in three days or we’ll refund your money.

    Need a service that doesn’t appear under our existing service listings? Use our “Contact Us” support box and we’ll look into setting it up.

    Please know that for all currently unavailable listed services, we do have a limit on how many people can file provisioning requests at a given time. If this limit has been reached, you will see the following error message:

    id you know you can make requests for popular services? We now offer this feature for both temporary and permanent rentals.

    Keep checking back and the option to submit a provisioning request should be available soon. Happy verifying!

    smspinverify : Multiple Permanent Subscriptions

    Posted in on 16/03/23 03:12 am

    Did you know that you can hold multiple permanent subscriptions under a single smspinverify account?

    When you purchase a new permanent rental service or whole line, you can choose whether you want to add it to your Primary subscription or if you’d like to create a new subscription.

    Here’s a screenshot of an account with a single permanent subscription for Coinbase:

    Now we’re going to add a second permanent subscription to Instagram:
    Now we can decide whether to add the new Instagram service to our existing Primary subscription or whether we’d like to create a new subscription and add it to that one.

    Click the button for “More Options” and you will see the following choice appear:

    If you choose to add your new permanent number rental to an existing subscription, then when you reach the confirmation page, you’ll see that the new subscription is pro-rated.

    Each smspinverify subscription is billed separately on a 30 day billing cycle. This means that if you add a new service line to an existing subscription, then we’ll only charge you for the portion of the 30-day cycle that applies to your new subscription. In the example above, the new service (Instagram) is only pro-rated by $0.01 because it was purchased quite soon after the first service (Coinbase) that initiated the Primary subscription billing cycle.

    If new permanent rental lines are added to existing subscriptions near the end of a 30-day billing cycle, please be advised that we will charge you for the upcoming 30-day cycle (i.e. we will not pro-rate fees if there’s only a short amount of time left in a billing cycle — we will instead apply your purchase to the entire upcoming 30-day cycle).

    Using multiple subscriptions can be a great way to keep your different permanent services organized. Some of our customers prefer to use multiple subscriptions because they can group specific services on separate billing cycles. You can also add nicknames to each subscription to help you keep track. Happy verifying!

    smspinverify : Features Page

    Posted in on 16/03/23 03:14 am

    Hey smspinverify users, you know we’d never forget about you! Here’s the comprehensive Features page you’ve been waiting for.

    We’ve got information on all of our Subscription Plans, a ton of Add-On Features, and our Android App. Drop us a line if you think we’ve missed something and we’ll add it in.

    Happy verifiying!

    smspinverify: Features Page

    Posted in on 16/03/23 03:15 am

    More big news for our smspinverify users: we now have a concise, easy-to-read Features page up on our site!

    If you’re new to smspinverify , check it out for a good overview of how to get started. You’ll see information about temporary number rentals, all our additional features, and our app.

    Even if you’ve been with us for awhile, you can learn about some of our more advanced features, like sub-account delegations or Resurrect.

    Happy verifying!

    Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards

    Posted in on 16/03/23 03:21 am

    Good news for smspinverify users! We’ve recently integrated credit card payments from all major credit card providers.

    When you add more credits to your account, you should now see a new option in our dropdown menu for “Credit Card (USD).”

    If transaction speed if a big concern, we’re also excited to tell you that paying by credit card will usually process faster than Amazon Pay. We hope to expand this new payment option to smspinverify next month.

    Happy verifying!

    Have You Been Pwned?

    Posted in on 17/03/23 01:55 pm

    At smspinverify and smspinverify, we care about protecting your privacy and security online. As part of our mission, we want to keep your personal information safe. Have you ever checked in on what’s out there about yourself?

    We like to use the site “Have I Been Pwned?” to keep an eye on data breaches. Sometimes your private data will get leaked and you might not know about it until months (or even years!) later.

    On “Have I Been Pwned?“, you can enter your phone number or email address. A list of security breaches that included your data will appear, with additional information on the companies involved and how many user accounts were affected.

    You might not be able to hide your personal information once it’s public, but you will get a good sense of where you’ve been compromised before. Then you can use an anonymous number rental service through smspinverifyor smspinverify to avoid any future leaks.

    With so much of our lives taking place online, data breaches are bound to happen. But if you rely on our phone number rental services, a major security leak doesn’t have to affect you. Happy verifying!

    New Feature: Account Delegations

    Posted in on 17/03/23 01:56 pm

    Recently we received a great question from one of our users: can one “Parent” user account be used to manage multiple sub-accounts?

    “Well, no,” we replied, “But why not?”

    Our users know that when they send us good suggestions for improving smspinverify, we’ll do everything we can to implement them! We are pleased to announce that we now offer account delegations as a new feature.

    If you’re an employer running a big company, you probably want to make a single large purchase on smspinverify. It’s too much work to make individual employees purchase credits for our services, or perhaps you have a single company credit card that is only authorized to you.

    Now you can delegate one account as a Main or “Parent” account. You can link sub-accounts, known as “Child” accounts, back to the “Parent” account and then add credits to your employees’ accounts directly. Let’s learn how:

    Open the menu under the user icon on the top-right side of your screen and then click the “Sub Accounts” link. You’ll see a page that looks like this:

    Copy this code and send it to every employee whose account you’d like to link. Once your employees have entered your unique identifying code into their accounts, you’ll see this screen:

    We’ll navigate through the perspective of the “Parent” account, first. Click the button that says, “Convert to Parent Account.” Now you’ll see this:

    Your code will appear at the top of the page. Below that, you’ll see every “Child” account that is a linked sub-account to your “Parent” account. From here, you can add credits to any linked “Child” account.

    Now we’ll go through this process from the perspective of the “Child” account. When you see this page, click the button that says, “Convert to Child Account.”

    You’ll be directed to this screen, where you must enter the unique identifying code provided by the “Parent” account:

    When you enter your key, you’ll see a message prompting you to link your account to the “Parent” account:

    Finally, if you look at your “Child” account once this process has been completed, you’ll see that you are now linked to the “Parent” account:

    The “Parent” account may then deposit credits into the “Child” account.

    Thanks for the credits, Mom and Dad! Happy verifiying!

    Need Another Reason to Verify with Us?

    Posted in on 17/03/23 01:57 pm

    Recently one of our developers came across this article on Vice: “A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16”. In this piece, a journalist hires a hacker to show him just how easy it is to manipulate and re-route someone’s personal phone number using SMS authentication and phony user authorizations.

    If this ever happens to you, your phone will seem completely normal — at least until your apps stop working. Or even worse, you’ll stop receiving text messages from friends and family because a hacker is having all your messages redirected!

    Can you avoid having this happen to you? Of course you can! The only way a hacker can initiate this re-routing process is if he or she knows your personal phone number to begin with. It’s an easy fix to make sure you NEVER give out your cell phone number to any person or company you don’t trust.

    But what if you want to keep using all your apps? We use apps for so much of our daily lives now: from ride-sharing and grocery delivery to banking and online-dating, apps are a critical part of today’s world.

    Luckily you have us: at smspinverify and smspinverify, you’ve got two simple ways to protect your private phone number. You can rent one of our US-based cell phone numbers on a short-term or a long-term rental plan and avoid giving out your personal number altogether.

    Instead, use one of our numbers any time you need to register for an app or authenticate an account. And if that number gets hacked, all you have to do is switch to a new number.* Stay safe and happy verifying!

    Have You Been Pwned

    Posted in on 19/03/23 06:36 am

    At smspinverify and smspinverify, we care about protecting your privacy and security online. As part of our mission, we want to keep your personal information safe. Have you ever checked in on what’s out there about yourself?

    We like to use the site “Have I Been Pwned?” to keep an eye on data breaches. Sometimes your private data will get leaked and you might not know about it until months (or even years!) later.

    On “Have I Been Pwned?“, you can enter your phone number or email address. A list of security breaches that included your data will appear, with additional information on the companies involved and how many user accounts were affected.

    You might not be able to hide your personal information once it’s public, but you will get a good sense of where you’ve been compromised before. Then you can use an anonymous number rental service through smspinverify or smspinverifyto avoid any future leaks.

    With so much of our lives taking place online, data breaches are bound to happen. But if you rely on our phone number rental services, a major security leak doesn’t have to affect you. Happy verifying!

    Updates for smspinverify

    Posted in on 19/03/23 06:38 am

    Hello smspinverify users! We’ve recently launched some exciting new updates and wanted to tell you about them:

    smspinverify Search Bar — We’ve made some improvements to our search bar on the “Text & SMS” Verifications page. Now if you’re looking for a specific service, you can find it directly by using our “Short-term / temporary numbers” search bar. (Please note that you are no longer able to search the full verifications page via “ctrl + f”)

    Our new and improved search bar with advanced filtering options
    “Connected” Status Bar — You may have noticed a new status bar on the upper-right side of our site. This status bar will read “connected” and display a flashing green dot when your account is active and able to purchase verification services. If you are experiencing any errors using our site, check to be sure that you’re “connected” first. If you’re not connected, reload the page, or try logging out of your account and re-connecting.

    Always check your connection status before making a purchase
    Desktop Browsers — smspinverify works best on the latest versions of all desktop web browsers. If you are using an outdated web browser, you may not be able to access your account or make purchases properly.

    Here are some links with information on how to access the most current versions of several popular desktop web browsers:

    Google Chrome
    Microsoft Edge
    If you’re unable to see our list of verification services or your credit balance, please update your browser.

    As always, please reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions or concerns. Happy verifying!

    System Upgrade

    Posted in on 19/03/23 06:39 am

    Please bear with us as we roll out a new enhancement to improve out site stability and speed today.


    And as always please send us a message if you notice any problems with your verifications and we’ll do our best to fix it quickly.

    When to Use a Rental Number: Buying & Selling

    Posted in on 19/03/23 06:39 am

    At smspinverify and smspinverify, we’re all about protecting your privacy and personal data. If keeping your private phone number secure is your number one priority, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Buying and selling items online is super easy when you’re shipping out a package or receiving one in the mail. But what if your transaction is happening offline?

    Services like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace have been popular for years. Now that many people are working from home, it is easier than ever to find the time to arrange an in-person exchange. But new stories come out every week about buying and selling encounters gone wrong.

    If you’re using a site like Craigslist, where users exchange emails and phone numbers to arrange a meeting, protect yourself first! Use one of our numbers to set-up an email account that you ONLY use for these types of transactions.

    If you rent a multi-purpose line on smspinverify, you can also give out your temporary number to sellers or prospective buyers. Then when you meet-up with a stranger for an exchange, you can reach them via call or text without ever giving out your real phone number.

    Are you using a site like Facebook Marketplace instead? This would be a great time to create a separate profile that you ONLY use for buying and selling. You can then use an SMS verification on smspinverify to verify that new Facebook account. Then all your Marketplace transactions can be conducted through one Facebook account that is not linked to your main account.

    At smspinverify and smspinverify, we care about protecting your privacy — let us help you stay safe!

    When to Use a Long-Term Rental Number: Dating Apps

    Posted in on 21/03/23 11:40 am

    One of the most popular uses for phone number rental services is dating apps. Dating apps, like Tinder or Hinge, are a great way to test out our long-term rental services.

    It’s good to be cautious when connecting with new people online. Although none of these apps will display your phone number to random users, you might decide you want to share your direct phone number with someone who seems promising.

    Before matching with anyone, simply reserve a long-term multi-purpose line through our partner site, smspinverify. You will then receive an exclusive number that you can use to sign up for accounts with any of the major dating apps.

    Then, when you’ve started chatting with someone you like, you can give that person your rented number. They can text you, but they won’t know it’s not your primary phone number until you’re ready to take that step.

    smspinverifywill show you every text received by your rented number and even lets you text people back with the free Sending SMS Add On. And to keep things extra convenient, you can have texts and calls sent directly to your primary phone number by purchasing the SMS and Call Forwarding Add Ons.

    A long-term rental is also a good solution to online harassment. We know not everyone who uses dating apps will have the best intentions. If you’ve given someone your long-term rental number and they start messaging you aggressively or harassing you, blocking them is as easy as changing your rental number.

    That person might still have your number, but they’ll never realize it was just a rental anyway!

    In 2021, it’s more important than ever to take necessary precautions when dating online. With the current global pandemic, it’s crucial to vet people over the phone before meeting in person. When you use a long-term rental phone number to text and call your online matches, you’re keeping yourself extra protected! Happy swiping!

    When to Use a Rental Number: Ride Shares

    Posted in on 21/03/23 11:41 am

    Many of our users have been wondering about different uses for rental numbers. Today we’ll talk about ride share services specifically.

    Have you ever used Uber, Lyft, or even a ride share app for a traditional taxi company? Each of these services requires an active phone number before you can request a ride.

    But if you use your personal phone number to register for a ride share app, then any driver who accepts your ride request will be able to see your number. With that information, your driver could contact you long after you’ve taken that one ride!

    Additionally, many people use ride share services to go home after an event or a night out. Between picking you up and dropping you off, both the ride share app and your driver will have access to your home address and your cell phone number. Identity theft is a real concern these days, so why would you want anyone to know more of your personal data than he or she needs to?

    This is where smspinverify comes in: if you use an anonymous number rental for your ride share services, both the app and your driver won’t know your personal number. You can still rely on all your usual services, but now you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your real phone number is secure. And when you put less personal information out there, it’s harder for identity thieves to target you. Happy verifying!

    Protect Your Privacy on Black Friday!

    Posted in on 21/03/23 11:42 am

    So you’re stuffed full of turkey and you’ve polished off that last slice of pecan pie. Now what?

    It’s time to shop! But before you get to those Black Friday deals, how about renting a phone number on smspinverify?

    These days, many stores and merchants are asking for your phone number as part of the checkout process. But do you really want to give it to them?

    Keeping your phone number private will decrease the number of spam messages you get. And if no one has your number, then your data can’t be sold to a third party either.

    Some sites will also offer discounts when you register an account with your phone number. Use one of the rental numbers on smspinverify and you won’t have to worry about sharing your information, but you’ll still get your discount.

    This Black Friday, choose a temporary number from smspinverify — you can shop ’til you drop and keep your data safe!

    Crypto 103: Paying for a Purchase Order with Bitcoin

    Posted in on 21/03/23 11:43 am

    Remember this screenshot from yesterday? This is your purchase order with smspinverify.

    Check out this blog post for a breakdown of your purchase order
    Now we need to pay it! There are two convenient ways to send us your Bitcoin, i.e. pay your balance. First we’ll show you how to pay via mobile device only and then we’ll cover QR codes in a separate post.

    See that long string of letters and numbers? That is the smspinverify wallet address for your transaction. When using secure digital currency exchanges, this wallet address will be different each time you complete a transaction (for more information, check out this article on wallet addresses over at Coinbase).

    Open your digital currency exchange app or navigate to their site from your web browser. You should see a screen that looks something like this one, from Coinbase:

    This is your wallet, where all your digital currency lives
    Since we’ve already activated the “sending” function, click the “Send” button, which will take us to this page:

    The amount of Bitcoin you own is still represented in USD (or your local currency). That means the $8.98 above refers to how much Bitcoin we own in USD. Below it, you can see that we own about 0.00057 BTC, or Bitcoin.

    First, and this is an important step if you’re using multiple cryptocurrencies from a single wallet, make sure to select “BTC Wallet” so you’re paying in Bitcoin.

    Next, using the number keypad, enter the amount of Bitcoin listed on your smspinverify payment invoice. In this case, it is 0.000479 BTC. Then press “Continue.”

    Due to security protocols, we aren’t able to take screenshots of the next screen, but it works as follows: You will now be prompted to enter a wallet address. This is where you’ll copy and paste the smspinverify wallet address from your purchase order.

    This wallet address lets your digital currency exchange provider know where to send your payment, so it’s important that you enter the whole address correctly. There should also be a spot for transaction notes where you can add in your smspinverify “Order No.” to help keep track of your payments.

    Your provider will then ask you to “Confirm” the wallet address you’ve entered. Once you do that, you’ll see a receipt for your transaction:

    The amount you send will appear slightly higher than what you actually owe smspinverify because every digital currency exchange will charge a small fee to process your transaction.

    In this example, we owe 0.000479 BTC to smspinverify, but we actually paid 0.000536 BTC, which includes the Coinbase processing fee. You can see below that the actual amount we paid in USD is $8.42.

    After a few minutes, you’ll receive an email from Coinbase confirming your transaction. This email will also display the transaction fee amount you paid in USD (or your local currency) — $0.86 in our example below.

    Soon after that, you’ll also receive an email from smspinverify letting you know that you’ve successfully added credits to your account. Happy verifiying!

    Crypto 102: Sending Bitcoin & Making Payments

    Posted in on 22/03/23 07:01 am

    Yesterday we talked about opening a wallet on a digital currency exchange, like Coinbase. Then we used a debit account to add Bitcoin to your wallet.

    Look at all that beautiful Bitcoin we bought yesterday!
    Today we’re moving to the big leagues: activating the sending feature on your wallet and making a purchase order on smspinverify — and tomorrow we’ll talk about how to pay for your purchase order after you’ve received your payment invoice.

    Starting at your digital currency exchange provider, first you’ll need to verify your identity. Before allowing you to enter a payment method, Coinbase, and any other digital currency exchange, will ask you to verify your identity. This step involves uploading a photo of government-issued ID — generally a Driver’s License or a State ID works fine.

    Two side-by-side mobile screenshots showing the identity verification process
    Be patient — it may take some time for your cryptocurrency service provider to verify your identity. You should be ready to go in a couple hours at most.

    Now we’ll navigate over to smspinverify to make a purchase. Remember, when you make a purchase on smspinverify, you’re NOT purchasing a rental number right away — what you’re doing is adding credits to your smspinverify account so that you CAN pay for future number rentals from this balance.

    Log-in to your account and click “Buy” in the navigation bar. You’ll be taken to a purchasing page that looks like this:

    Please note that support is currently underway to restore Litecoin & Ethereum payment options
    Use the slider bar to select the amount of cryptocurrency you’d like to purchase, or enter it in the box below and click the “Buy” button. You’ll then be directed to this page:

    Purchase amounts are displayed in USD, then you choose which cryptocurrency to use
    This is where you’ll choose your cryptocurrency payment type. In all of our examples, we’re using Bitcoin, but support will be restored soon for Litecoin and Ethereum.

    In the screenshot above, we are purchasing $7.50 USD worth of Bitcoin to add to our smspinverify account. To keep things simple, the purchase amount will always appear in USD or your own local currency.

    Click “Continue” and then you’ll see a page that looks like this:

    This is your payment invoice for your purchase — it is NOT a purchase yet. A payment invoice indicates to us that you wish to make a payment.

    At the top, you’ll see an Order Number for this specific transaction. Then you’ll see the current amount you owe in Bitcoin. The amount you entered in USD (or your local currency) on the previous pages has been converted to Bitcoin. That Bitcoin amount is what you’ll need to pay in order to add to your balance on smspinverify.

    Please keep in mind that a conversion rate like the one displayed above is ONLY active for 15 minutes, so that’s why we list a “Payment Window” at the bottom of your screen.*

    So you’ve activated the sending feature in your wallet and you’ve placed an order on smspinverify. Then you received a payment invoice from us.

    Now you know exactly what you owe, but you still need to actually pay this balance, all in 15 minutes or less — but don’t panic! This next step is pretty easy and we’ll explain it all tomorrow in “Crypto 103: Paying for a Purchase Order with Bitcoin.”

    * Wondering what’s up with that 15-minute time limit on your smspinverify order? The value of Bitcoin, like any traditional currency, fluctuates throughout the day. To keep our rate conversions as up-to-date as possible, you’ll need to request a new transaction if you’ve haven’t paid this amount within the 15-minute timeframe. Don’t worry, there are NO penalties for missing the 15-minute window — it’s only there to ensure you get the most current conversion rate for your cryptocurrency.

    Crypto 101: How to Open a Wallet & Buy Bitcoin

    Posted in on 22/03/23 07:02 am

    At smspinverify and our partner site, smspinverify, the most popular payment method we offer is payment via cryptocurrency. Today we’ll give you a brief rundown on how to buy cryptocurrency, and in a follow-up post, we’ll explain how to use cryptocurrency to make purchases on our sites.

    Cryptocurrency is digital currency — it’s real money, but it’s exchanged completely online. At the moment, we accept bitcoin, the oldest and most well-established form of cryptocurrency. But before you can purchase bitcoin, you’ll need to open a wallet.

    A wallet is a digital repository where people store cryptocurrency. Depending on the type of wallet you open, you should be able to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.

    For this guide, we’ll go through the steps of opening a wallet at Coinbase, a well-known digital currency exchange site.

    First you’ll want to open a free account with Coinbase.

    You’ll then receive an email from Coinbase — click through to activate your new account and then set-up two-step verification using a phone number. This is an important step to ensure the security of your account.

    Next you’re ready to add your payment method: this is how you will purchase Bitcoin. You can do this via direct debit from a bank account using your debit card, which is the fastest option, or you can do it through an electronic bank transfer, which usually takes a few days to process.

    Once your payment method has been verified and accepted, you’re ready to purchase some Bitcoin. Enter the amount you’d like to buy in US dollars (or your local currency) and follow the steps to purchase.

    When you do this yourself, whichever payment method you’ve chosen will show up where we’ve put the emojis
    Make sure to specify which cryptocurrency you want to buy since most digital currency exchanges will allow you to purchase a wide variety of digital currencies, such as Ethereum or LiteCoin. At smspinverify, currently we accept good old-fashioned Bitcoin — not to be confused with “Bitcoin cash” or other spin-off currencies.

    Here’s what a $10 USD purchase of Bitcoin will look like:

    Please note that there is a processing fee for each transaction. If you know you’ll need a larger amount of Bitcoin in advance, then you’ll save some money by making a larger purchase upfront.

    Depending on your chosen payment method, give your purchase a few minutes or a few days to process, and voila! — you are now a proud Bitcoin owner! Don’t spend it all in one place — unless that place is smspinverify!

    In Crypto 102, we’ll learn how to set-up your wallet for sending payments and how to use your new Bitcoin to make purchases on our sites.

    Resurrect: How Does It Work?

    Posted in on 23/03/23 06:33 am

    Looking to learn about our new Resurrect feature? You’ve come to the right place!

    Under your account, click on Verifications –> History to view your previous verifications. If a verification is eligible for resurrection, there will be a “Resurrect” button under the Actions column. The button will then tell you how much it will cost to resurrect the number, which is often lower than the cost of doing a new verification entirely.

    If a number is not available for resurrection, there are three possible reasons:

    The number is NO longer available in our system and unfortunately we won’t be able to get it back for you.
    You’ve reused and/or resurrected the same number multiple times for one service. Only the last verification you completed with that number will be eligible to Resurrect.
    You’re still within the timeframe for a standard Reuse.
    One thing to consider: Resurrect is meant more for those times when you’re surprised by a re-verification request. If it’s possible you’ll need a number again, you might prefer a short-term rental.

    At smspinverify, you can reuse and resurrect numbers even after you’ve used them for a short while. And if that isn’t enough time, you can always take out a weekly rental or a monthly plan for a permanent number over at our partner site, smspinverify.

    But sometimes you won’t know that you’ll need the same number again until you’re asked for it. When that happens, smspinverify is here for you.

    New Feature: Resurrect

    Posted in on 23/03/23 06:34 am

    Today we’re excited to announce a new text verification feature: Resurrect.

    Over the last few months, we’ve heard from many users who wanted an option to reuse old verification phone numbers. Now you can with Resurrect.

    Before Resurrect, users could reuse phone numbers for about two minutes immediately after the initial activation. But if you needed to reverify a few hours later, you’d be stuck.

    With Resurrect, you now have the option to resurrect a phone number as long as it is still available within our database. Although we can’t give an exact timeframe on how long individual numbers will remain available for resurrection, we can definitely promise that it will be longer than the existing Reuse option.

    Here’s an example: let’s say you’ve just done a text verification with a newly purchased number. Everything works fine and there’s no problems.

    But two hours later — or maybe even two days later — you need to reverify using that same number!

    In the past, you’d have no way to verify — that number was essentially dead, even if we still had it in our system.

    This is where Resurrect comes in: in this same scenario, as long as we still have access to the original verification number, you do too. Now you have the option to bring that number back to life. With the Resurrect feature, you can reverify hours and days later.

    Finally, a quick note that you can also use Resurrect automatically via API. Got any questions or comments? Drop us a line and let us know what you think of our new feature.

    New Payment Option: Amazon Pay

    Posted in on 23/03/23 06:35 am

    Lately we’ve received some feedback from our users asking for a credit card payment option. We hear you and we agree — so today we’re introducing Amazon Pay for smspinverify. We’ll also be adding Amazon Pay to smspinverify soon.

    Amazon Pay is a great option for small bundle purchases if you don’t use crypto currency — but since we’ll be processing payments through third party credit card companies, we do need to add a small percentage surcharge to any Amazon Pay purchases. Crypto currency purchases will remain fee-free.

    And as always, if you’re interested in larger bundle purchases, please contact us directly and we’ll help you out.

    From smspinverify to smspinverify: Phone Number Rentals are Moving!

    Posted in on 23/03/23 06:35 am

    Exciting news here at smspinverify: phone number rentals are moving to our new service, smspinverify. We have been hard at work bringing you a great new way to rent numbers — and we even have an Android app!

    We know you love smspinverify, and we’re hoping you’ll love smspinverify too. If you’re already familiar with renting phone numbers via smspinverify, then you won’t notice too many changes over at smspinverify.

    Current phone number rental subscriptions at smspinverify will remain active, but once they expire, you won’t be able to access them again. But in case you’re wondering, you’ll still be able to find all your SMS verification services at smspinverify.

    We are encouraging all our smspinverify users to create accounts over at smspinverify. If you’ve come to rely on our exceptional phone number rental service, you know we can really deliver. We want this transition to be as seamless as possible, so let us know if you have any questions.

    Before we let you go, we just want to share some details about how temporary rentals work. At smspinverify, you can now get number rentals in weekly increments!

    Starting at only $5/week — and with no activation fee — our weekly rentals are designed for users who need phone numbers for a bit longer than an instant verification, but not quite as long as multiple months. Now smspinverify can serve all your number rental needs, whether you need just a weekly rental or a long-duration rental.

    (smspinverify API coming soon)

    Flexible Purchases A New Way to Verify

    Posted in on 23/03/23 06:36 am

    Have you noticed that we’ve been making some changes lately here at smspinverify? Today we wanted to let you know that we’re switching up our credits system to look more like dollars. Soon we’ll be taking the next logical step and simply calling your smspinverify balance dollars. This shift will make it easy to keep track of your balance.

    Fill up your balance a little or a lot — only buy exactly what you need!
    We’re also working on a flexible pricing plan to ensure you can buy exactly as much or as little as you need. Moving forward, we want to give you access to larger purchases so you can fund your account without waiting for a bunch of small BTC transactions to process. With our new pricing system, we hope you’ll save time and money.

    What is a Non-VoIP Number?

    Posted in on 24/03/23 07:24 am

    Let’s start with the basics. A non-VoIP number is a phone number that’s not tied to any one service provider or phone plan. It’s easy to use with internet phone services and helps keep your identity secure.

    Why use a VoIP number? And what are text verification services anyway?

    You may have noticed when signing up for a new account or service that sometimes companies will ask you to provide a phone number for either text or SMS verification. This security measure assumes that each person only has one phone number connected to an individual device — verifying via this process can prevent duplicate accounts from being created or used by a single person, but it can also help avoid the creation of spam accounts. 

    But when you provide your personal phone number to an external company, there is often the possibility that someone, somewhere will sell your data to a third party — and you might not even know this has happened!

    This is where smspinverify comes into play: Not only does smspinverify keep your information safe and secure, but you also have the ability to sign up for as many accounts as you like. With Textverified, you can create whatever accounts you need without tying yourself to a single device or phone service provider. Why limit yourself to one number or allow others to sell your information for profit? With Textverified, there is a better way to go.

    How Does smspinverify Work?

    Posted in on 24/03/23 07:26 am

    When you sign up for smspinverify , you can use credits to utilize services without giving away your personal phone number. We have real phone numbers from major US companies that allow you to register easily and quickly.  Once you select a service, you will have 5 minutes to verify your account. If you don’t verify within the time limit, then your balance won’t be affected. Easy, right?

    At smspinverify , we are always acquiring new, reliable numbers to provide you with the most versatile solutions. You can use our tooltips to see when new numbers are available for a particular service or when you have already used all of the available numbers for that service.

    You can also stay on top of everything by accessing your verification history report. Once a number is chosen, it is cycled out of our system to ensure that no duplicate numbers are used for each specific service request.

    Finally, if you’re looking for a more long-term solution, we also offer number rentals that you can utilize multiple times per service. If you’re planning to re-use a number for multiple verification steps, a long-term number rental is a great solution.

    Don’t let the fear of losing your privacy stop you from taking advantage of services that require a phone number. With smspinverify ’s easy-to-use verification services, text and SMS verification doesn’t have to mean compromising your personal security. Learn how our platform can help you today at

    SMS Verification: Enhancing Online Security with Two-Factor Authentication

    Posted in on 28/03/23 11:02 am


    In today's digital age, online security has become a paramount concern for businesses and consumers alike. With cyber threats on the rise, it's essential to take proactive measures to safeguard sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access. One way to enhance online security is through SMS verification, a two-factor authentication method that uses a mobile device to confirm a user's identity.

    SMS verification, also known as SMS authentication or PIN verification, is a process in which a user receives a one-time passcode (OTP) via SMS, which they must enter on the website or application to access their account. This process adds an extra layer of security to traditional username and password login systems, making it much harder for attackers to compromise user accounts.

    The process of SMS verification is relatively straightforward. When a user attempts to log in to a website or application that uses SMS verification, they will receive an SMS message with a unique OTP. The user must then enter this OTP on the login screen to access their account. Since the OTP is only valid for a short period, usually a few minutes, it cannot be used by attackers to gain unauthorized access.

    SMS verification offers several benefits over traditional login methods. Firstly, it provides an additional layer of security, making it much harder for attackers to steal user credentials. Secondly, it's easy to implement and requires minimal effort from the user. Finally, it's widely available and can be used on most mobile devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

    SMS verification is particularly useful for websites and applications that store sensitive information, such as financial or healthcare data. It's also an effective way to prevent unauthorized access to social media accounts or e-commerce sites, which can be targeted by cybercriminals looking to steal personal information or make fraudulent purchases.

    While SMS verification is an effective way to enhance online security, it's not foolproof. Cybercriminals can still use sophisticated methods such as phishing attacks to steal user credentials or intercept SMS messages. To mitigate these risks, businesses and users must take additional security measures, such as enabling two-factor authentication and using strong passwords.

    In conclusion, SMS verification is a powerful tool for enhancing online security and preventing unauthorized access to user accounts. By implementing this two-factor authentication method, businesses and consumers can reduce the risk of cyber threats and protect sensitive information from being compromised. With cyber threats on the rise, SMS verification is a necessary step towards ensuring the safety and security of online interactions.

    Announcing Our New Android App!

    Posted in on 28/03/23 01:25 pm

    Enjoy a native mobile experience while using the same great verifications you’ve always had — check it out here!

    Whether you just need one verification or you need ’em in bulk, we’ve got your back. Non-VoIP, US numbers at your fingertips — now you can even keep your privacy on the go.

    Let us know what you think and if there are any other features we can bring to our mobile app. Leave your comments and reviews here.

    How to sign up for JD app without a Phone Number

    Posted in on 27/04/23 11:38 am (JD app) is a China-exclusive e-commerce platform offering the sale, purchase, and delivery of different products. It’s the biggest marketplace website in China, ideal for buyers and sellers of clothes, appliances, accessories, furniture, consumer goods, etc.

    JD user experience is similar to Aliexpress, another Chinese e-commerce website. JD offers countless products of differing quality, including lower-tier trinkets and brand produce. Goods bought on JD are delivered by the company’s delivery service worldwide.

    china jd com

    JD com (JD app)  — Benefits and Features
    JD allows users to sell and buy a variety of goods. Seller registration is available to all users, but JD is not a flea market type site with lenient rules about who sells what. Registering as a seller requires additional information and a cash deposit. Moreover, many global companies trust JD to sell their goods.

    So, what is JD is a marketplace with 600 million active users, making it the largest Chinese e-commerce site. This gives certain advantages and opportunities to non-Chinese customers. Most of JD’s visitors are Chinese consumers, but the shop is also popular in other countries.

    JD com (JD app)  — Benefits and Features

    That’s why registering on the JD app is advantageous:

    The JD app, is geared towards an Asian audience, so it gives you the opportunity to buy products not available in Europe or America;
    JD has an excellent, free shipping service throughout China and also works with resellers to deliver orders worldwide;
    JD prices are quite low compared to other marketplaces of this size. Even when looking at branded items, the prices are below average;
    Frequent discounts and promotions, which makes this an extremely lucrative app for shopping.
    JD’s biggest problem is its Chinese focus. The JD app does not support languages other than Mandarin. Even the account creation information has to be in Chinese. Fortunately, mobile devices offer built-in translation features for some apps, and Google Translate offers similar features for the website version.

    However, delivery is available for European, American and other regions, and foreign phone numbers are accepted. This is a good thing, given that users have to confirm their phone number via SMS to create a JD account.


    Companies such as JD collect a lot of information about users, and phone numbers are no exception. It is usually after registering on the marketplaces that users start receiving mass spam in the form of text messages and phone calls.

    But is it possible to bypass the phone number verification step? Let’s find out. To complete your JD marketplace registration, you need to accept a confirmation code on your phone. So, the only option to register JD without your phone number is to use a virtual phone number.

    Sign up for JD app with a virtual phone number
    Virtual numbers are a cloud-based technology, functionally similar to the numbers contained on physical SIM cards. Users can purchase virtual numbers from providers such as SMS-man and use them to receive verification messages from the JD app and similar services.

    JD app registration with a virtual number

    To purchase a virtual phone number, follow this step-by-step instruction:

    Register at smspinverify or use your existing Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account to log in;
    Find the “top up my account” section in the side menu and make enough payment to purchase;
    Select your country and “JDcom” service, then click “buy” to add your phone number to your personal account;
    Find the purchased number on the main page under the tab “Request History”. Copy this number and use it to activate your JD account;
    Then wait for the verification code SMS, which you will need to register your account;
    To get the verification code, go back to SMS-man and click “get SMS” next to the number;
    Use the code you receive to complete your registration.

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    How to verify a Facebook account without a Phone Number?

    Posted in on 27/04/23 11:53 am

    Facebook is the biggest social media platform worldwide with the audience amounted to 2.96 billion active monthly users, as of December 2022. It was founded in 2008 and owned by American technology giant Meta Platforms (Facebook Inc. until the 28th of October 2021). In addition to Facebook, Meta Platforms also owns other popular online services such as Instagram and WhatsApp. Covering hundreds of countries, Facebook allows users to reach people in any corner of the world, and not just be limited to fellow countrymen.

    Facebook app

    You can access the Facebook website both from a computer and through a mobile application available on all operating systems. To sign up for facebook, you need to confirm your phone number via SMS. But what if you want to avoid using your personal phone number? Are there any other options? Yes, there are. For example, you can purchase a disposable virtual phone number for this purpose.

    In this article, we will explain how you can create fb account without phone number.

    What makes Facebook better than other social networks
    Today social media platforms offer a variety of opportunities not only for personal needs but also promoting businesses. And Facebook is one of the most efficient platforms to market and sell your brand’s products and services.

    While running a business account on Twitter is perfect for B2B companies, and Instagram fits best for visual businesses with a younger target audience, Facebook is an ideal option for consumer-based businesses with a high income target audience from 30 to 45 years and older. Increasing brand awareness, building a community of loyal customers, generating leads — all these things you can do with Facebook.

    Creating a Facebook page can help a brand with SEO, provide more reviews, and connect with a wide user base.

    facebook ads

    Here is a list of enhancements for successfully marketing your brand on Facebook:

    Posting in Facebook groups.
    Running Facebook ads.
    Tagging and collaborating with influencers in your niche.
    Re-engaging and retargeting your customers.
    Creating custom videos and graphics.
    Using such instruments as Facebook stories, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Insights.
    Now, after we have figured out why Facebook is perfect for promoting a consumer-based business, let’s see why someone cannot register to facebook without phone number.

    Why Facebook requires your phone number to sign up
    Although the signup process said you could finish signing up with an email address, practically that doesn’t work. You cannot create fb account unless you give up the phone number.

    The platform says it’s required to make it easier for you to sign up if you forget your username or password. It also helps suggest relevant ads and find real-life friends and acquaintances faster, so you can connect them on Facebook as well.

    Besides, according to the Facebook privacy policy, two-factor authentication which involves providing a cellphone number is the best measure to keep your account safe.

    However, as you may have heard, due to hacker attacks and vulnerabilities in the platform’s security system, your personal information may be leaked. If you want to keep your phone number private, you can use a virtual number not tied to a physical phone line. The same virtual number can also be used to register in other social media platforms and messengers, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and any others.

    How to create a Facebook account with a virtual number
    First let’s find out what a virtual number is and how it works.

    Virtual phone numbers is a cloud-based service created to provide telephone numbers that aren’t tied to any specific devices. It doesn’t require a physical SIM card or address and accepts calls through Internet.

    smspinverify provides virtual numbers that you can use to get a facebook verification code for registration. It’s completely safe and anonymous since it doesn’t require you to disclose any personal information.

    virtual phone number for facebook

    So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to verify facebook account with a smspinverify virtual number:

    Sign up to smspinverify or log in with your Google+ or another social media account;
    In the side menu, find the “Top Up My Balance’’ tab and deposit money into your account;
    Then choose a country and the “Facebook” service to purchase a disposable virtual number;
    Click the “Buy” button next to your chosen service to add the phone number to your personal account;
    The bought phone number can be found on the main page in the history of your requests. Copy it and use it to register your Facebook account;
    Get back to the smspinverify website and click “Receive SMS” in front of the purchased virtual number;
    Use the verification code to complete confirming your Facebook account.
    As a result, using a virtual phone number you were able to get verified on Facebook in just a few minutes. In the same way you can register accounts for any other sites and applications where you need to confirm the phone number. This will help you maintain your anonymity and increase the security of your personal data.