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How to get virtual numbers on Telegram via

Posted on 14/05/23 05:06 am

Virtual telephony services have gone far in the past few years. If earlier they were available only through some websites on the web, nowadays there are multiple ways to take advantage of those services. You can operate them with mobile apps, computer programs, and even a virtual or fake number bot Telegram. The last option is usually considered the most convenient. There is no need to download and install any software or work with usually complicated user-interface on various websites. Our own bot on Telegram allows receiving a virtual phone number within a minute and we will show how to use it properly.

Telegram bot

What is a Telegram virtual number bot?
There are thousands of bots on Telegram. Each of them exists for a specific purpose. For example, some allow ordering food, others provide users with an opportunity to buy various services and goods. Telegram virtual number bot is a bot designed for activating virtual phone numbers. It excludes the need to use the website and deal with additional features which may cause confusion. There is literally one option to use.

Such a bot is designed to make the user experience as much convenient as possible. But it will be especially useful for those who utilize virtual numbers for Telegram. You no longer need to switch between tabs in the browser or apps in this case having every necessary tool in one place.

How to use Telegram bot to get phone number?
Using a bot for an appropriate purpose is easy. However, it requires having an account on the platform. So, first of all, it is necessary to create such an account. Getting one is possible in the following way:

1. Open the smspinverify .com service through the browser and proceed to the registration page.

2. Enter the required data or sign up with a profile on a supported platform.

3. Log in to the website with a registered account and replenish the balance.

You’re almost ready to proceed to the virtual phone number bot. The only step left to complete at this point is to copy the API key required for logging in to the bot. You can find it on your profile page. Once done, move to the next part of our instructions.

Using fake number bot Telegram to obtain virtual numbers
Having a registered account allows operating our bot straight away. There is nothing difficult about this process. In addition, you can make this process way easier by doing this in accordance with the next guide:

1. Open our fake number bot Telegram with a direct link or find it by username @smsbyliknot_bot and press the start button.

2. Proceed to the log in tab and paste into chat the API key that you copied previously to connect the account.

3. Click on “Buy number”.

4. Select the country in which you want to receive a virtual phone number.

5. Choose an online service that the number should work with.

6. Confirm purchase.

7. Get a virtual number.

You will be provided with it automatically within the next second if there are numbers available in stock. It is fully suitable for usage with the chosen online service. The verification code will also arrive to chat with the bot. Everything happens in one place. You can obtain another number right after the previous one gets activated. Thereby, since you learned and know how to get phone number via Telegram bot from our service, we hope that your user experience will improve accordingly!