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smspinverify How to request refunds from Alipay elegantly and efficiently

Posted on 12/05/23 02:33 pm

This instruction will guide users who use Alipay to top up balance to smspinverify account how to request refund and solve a series of trouble which might meet.

How top up on smspinverify (Method Alipay)
Visit our site
Sign in with your account, you could see “Top up”

Then, it will show a lot of top-up options, we could choose Alipay here

Select the figure you want,or write in blank”Other amount”(min at 35 Yuan), and click”Pay”
4.Now you will redirect to third-party site with a QR-code which you should scan with Alipay app on your phone
5. After purchasing, the amount will directly topped up into your smspinverify account.

How to request for alipay refund on smspinverify (Method Alipay)
You can send a message to our support, with screenshot of Alipay check of this order.
We will check and proceed your refund as soon as possible, in most cases, you will receive refund within 24 hours.

Refund Policy
We will accept request of refund only by following cases:
User didn’t use any balance after balance has been topped up.
User used the balance, but our service didn’t work (Received wrong code, user accidently registered an old account)

For other resonable reasons, please contract with our support, we will check your case as soong as possible.

Link to Complete Refund Policy