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How to Set Up OneDrive Account Without a Phone Number?

Posted on 11/05/23 04:18 am

Microsoft has many useful services that can be useful in business and study, as well as in everyday life. This list includes great software products such as OneDrive, Excel, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, PowerPoint, and others. All of these services you can only start using if you have a Microsoft account.

These services make the regular user experience simpler and more comfortable with their features. It means creating an account is an eventual necessity. You might live without some software, but OneDrive is the major cloud storage service. It’s convenient and useful, it alone justifies the need for a Microsoft account.

What is an OneDrive?
So, what is OneDrive? This service offers cloud storage functionality, providing 5GB of storage for free and more for paid subscription plans. That encompasses images, videos, text files, and other formats, all stored in a neat catalog with multiple sorting categories. With the massive volume of information on the Internet, such capabilities are essential.

Another big advantage of OneDrive is connectivity. The service is available on mobile just as on other systems, meaning users can access files across their devices. Files downloaded on the phone are accessible on PC, and vice versa. The mobile version has a convenient application users can open whenever and browse personal files.

Moreover, OneDrive is supported by services and apps as a major file hosting platform, allowing people to easily extract files after completing the OneDriver register process. Integration is a key benefit, as well. OneDrive is also a synchronization service, letting users synchronize files on the desktop and in the cloud — files deleted on the desktop are deleted on the cloud, as well.

onedrive account

Why does Microsoft require a phone number for registration
You do not need a unique account to use the OneDrive service: all functionality is accessed through a common Microsoft account. The latter is used for numerous alternative services owned and powered by Microsoft. To create OneDrive account, users need to —Āomfirm a phone number, it’s essential.

Other information is required for the procedure, but the main difficulty is still having a phone number. Companies need it for identity verification to prove that the user is a real person. This is quite an effective step, which is used to increase the security measures of the service.

What is OneDrive doing with your phone? You will need to get a confirmation code via SMS. If the phone number is already in use and is in the database, the system will not let you complete the registration. So if you already have one account or you just don’t want to give private information to a company like Microsoft, you can use a virtual phone number.

OneDrive registration without a Phone Number
As you may have already understood, providing this information is a mandatory step and you can’t skip it. So, virtual phone numbers are a good way to create OneDrive account without sharing your phone contacts. By using them you can complete the registration process with essentially a spare number you won’t regret spreading. Virtual numbers receive SMS messages like regular numbers with a physical SIM, but they don’t require a new card to work, letting users create multiple OneDrive accounts with ease.

virtual phone number for microsoft

The benefits are obvious, and offers virtual numbers on sale. To get one, follow the steps:

Complete the registration process on the smspinverify site. You can do this using e-mail or use a quick login via social networks;
Deposit a sufficient funds in the “Top Up Your Balance” tab before purchase;
Pick the country and “Mecrosoft” service on the main page;
Click the purchase button next to the selected service to add a virtual number to your personal cabinet;
Use it to get a OneDrive code to verify. This process is no different from the usual registration;
When the verification code is sent to you, go back to the smspinverify website and click “Get SMS” next to the number you purchased;
Copy the code you receive and complete the registration.
The virtual variant can be cheaper than the regular physical thing, but the main benefit is comfort. In the same way, you can register an account for almost any site or application. Virtual numbers are also available for Google, Yahoo and others.