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How to Use OpenAI Chatbot without a Phone Number

Posted on 07/05/23 01:53 pm

OpenAI Chatbot, aka ChatGPT, is the hit AI learning mechanism that operates in a form of a chatting bot. The developer, OpenAI, is a major American producer of AI technologies, founded in part by Elon Musk. You can test ChatGPT for free, but you have to register in OpenAI service.

ChatGPT operates as a chatting bot, receiving prompts from users in the form of questions and instructions. The system attempts to give a precise answer to the prompt, based on open-source data and according to user specifications. It uses a learning mechanism that adapts to continuous user prompts. Knowing how to use ChatGPT efficiently offers many opportunities.

This AI service found immense popularity in recent months. Its official release was in November 2022, soon becoming the top-visited AI application. With correct prompts, the system can produce unique, precise, and expansive text results from essays to technical descriptions to dissertations.

OpenAI (ChatGPT) registration process
To open a ChatGPT account, users are required to submit an active phone number. The registration procedure is otherwise simple, little else is required. The number verification is a mandatory step that can’t be skipped. It has several uncomfortable, but not terrible, consequences.

The phone number procedure was introduced to prevent the creation of mass fake accounts, a standard for practice. Hence, users can’t open two accounts with a single phone number, making ban circumvention more bothersome. It’s a nuisance because people can be banned from ChatGPT for discussing disallowed subjects.

This feature keeps users from creating more than one ChatGPT account. But what if I told you there’s a way around phone number verification when creating an account? Let’s see it in practice.

chatgpt registration

Š”hatGPT registration without a Phone Number
There are risks besides the general discomfort of submitting a personal, active phone number to an application. We recommend that you create a ChatGPT account without providing a personal phone number. Registering completely without a number is impossible, but using a virtual number for this purpose is an option.

Virtual numbers function identically to regular phone numbers, except users rent them from third-party providers. Applications such as ChatGPT see no difference between a regular phone number and its virtual counterpart. That’s why there’s nothing stopping users from verifying and logging into their ChatGPT account every time. The procedure is safe and effective.

The risks of using a personal number are mostly associated with uncertainty. OpenAI isn’t a fraudulent company, but offering your personal number to numerous online applications increases the risk of it ending up in the wrong hands. That includes scammers, data hunters, phone marketers, etc.

With a virtual number, renters can circumvent the rules of account creation ChatGPT enforces. Rented numbers are mostly used for verification and registration, not for calling. Even if it’s fished by scammers, your interaction with them would be minimal. Using some virtual numbers you can receive phone calls, but numbers from smspinverify you can use only to receive SMS.

How to use a virtual phone number to create OpenAI (ChatGPT) account
To register a ChatGPT account with a virtual number, customers should buy a virtual number. Plenty of online services offer them, providing unused phone numbers for a specified duration. The process isn’t hard, and the prices on numbers are in the same league as SIM card costs.

virtual number chatGPT/OpenAI

The process of buying a phone number to activate ChatGPT on smspinverify is, as follows:

Proceed to the smspinverify, open the sign up page and create an account. Also, you can log in via social networks without registration;
Use desired payment option to replenish your balance in the “Top up my balance” page;
Go back to the main page of the platform and select the country from the list where you need a mobile number;
Then select the “OpenAI” service in the window next to it and click the “Buy” button;
Use this number to register with OpenAI and wait for a text message with a verification code;
Go back to your personal cabinet of the smspinverify platform and click “Receive SMS”;
Use the received verification code to complete the registration.
Be careful, ChatGPT does not serve all countries. They are few now, but check the contemporary list to avoid buying an unusable phone. In any case, even if you buy a mobile number of the wrong country by mistake. So, you can easily cancel it in your personal cabinet and your balance will not be charged.