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How to buy on eBay accounts safely and easily

Posted on 05/05/23 01:06 pm

The American company eBay provides a platform, where users can take part in auctions as sellers and buyers. In 2021, the general number of its users approached 200 million. Besides selling goods at auctions, one can distribute them at fixed prices. Buyers can pay for their purchases using varied methods. There is a small commission, but it is paid by sellers only. For clients, all deals are free.

Taking into account the huge popularity of this service, many Internet users are interested in how to buy on eBay auctions. Let us discuss all the procedures in detail.

First of all, you need to register. For that, you will need to provide your mobile number. But we offer you to use of the specialized service smspinverify instead. Here, you can buy a virtual number for eBay for $0,06. The process of making purchases is very easy, SMS messages are received instantly. Click here to read more.


How to buy things on eBay and resell: Registration
If you want to get access to the functions of this marketplace, you should create a profile. If you want to know what are eBay accounts and how to use them, go to the registration tab. Remember, that there are versions in different languages.

how to buy on ebay

The procedure is 100% simple. Fill in the form. When the system offers you to link the mobile number, enter a fake one instead. For that go to smspinverify and buy it. The message with a code will also be sent to our source. After you receive it, paste it into the form as depicted in the image below.


Now, you have a profile and can use all the functions. But, before you start your shopping, read our guide up to the end.

How to buy on eBay accounts safely from abroad
On the main page of the service, you can see the catalog. There, you can look through the prices and decide whether they are lower than at other online or offline stores. Remember that, if you want to get some items for the cheapest price, it is better to use the auction function. Also, if you want to place an order from abroad, think about whether it is profitable to buy eBay account delivery. Let us discuss this issue in detail:
1. Go to the settings tab. There, you will see a standard form, which you should fill in. If you want to buy on eBay and sell for profit without any intermediaries or just make purchases for yourself, enter your own address. And, if you want to involve a partner, you can also specify his address. And, in the latest line, you should enter the number, to which you will receive notifications.

How to buy on eBay safely from abroad - provide your address

2. Decide which goods you want to order. You can see the available filters in the screenshot below.How to buy things on eBay and resell - use filters

3. Many novice users want to know how to buy on eBay safely and avoid all sorts of scammers. In the first place, pay attention to the rating of a seller and a good. Also, have a look at the reviews. This information will allow you to make a decision about whether a certain offer is worth your attention. The information mentioned is published in the profile of a user.

4. Move to purchases. If you are satisfied with the price and other terms offered by a seller, press “Buy it Now”.

How to buy on eBay for beginners - how to make a purchase

5. Internet users often ask how to buy on eBay with PayPal. That is the easiest variant. Start with opening an account in this payment system. Sure, for that you can also use a virtual number from the online store smspinverify. See a tutorial here. Link your bank card and you can start making purchases.

Important! If you want to buy on eBay and sell for profit or just order things for your own needs, we do not recommend making any deals outside the platform. Keep in mind that using this website guarantees that your shopping will be safe.


6. After a seller sends a good to you, you will receive a tracking code. If you plan to place orders from outside the USA, take into account that you will have to pay customs duties for all goods that cost over 200 euros. These are additional expenses.