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How do I unblock Zoho account?

Posted on 05/05/23 01:04 pm

Zoho mail account
Hi, this is smspinverify. Today I would like to tell you about zoho mail account and why this mail has become so popular lately.  So, along with Gmail and Protonmail – zoho mail account is a mailbox where you will receive emails. It is quite convenient, all the functionality that this box has is quite easy and convenient to use. Also with zoho mail account you will be able to edit your mailboxes, send mail to spam and much more. And I recommend you to register a zoho mail account because it is quite secure, all your confidential data is protected and cannot be accessed by intruders. 

But what to do when the account was blocked? This is a fairly common situation, because your zoho mail account could be blocked simply because you were suspected of something. It will be very difficult for you to restore it and try to appeal this situation, but we know how to help you. This mailbox can be sent to the ban easily, but it is difficult to restore it.

Reasons for account on Zoho banned
In most cases the email service of this platform is used for personal and business communication. In this regard it has security system which immediately reacts to any kind of suspicious activity. Before trying to unblock email profile on Zoho users have to determine the reason for blocking. The most common of them are:

Using account from a different locations. Such behavior is not good overall and there is no exception for Zoho. Logging in from unusual locations makes account look stolen or hacked. This leads to its blocking due to security reasons.
Sending a promotional, marketing or automated emails in bulk. Mass distribution of messages is not welcomed on this platform either. This applies to messages of any nature.
Exceeding storage limit. Each account has certain storage limit for emails. It can be checked in user profile section. After this limit is exceeded account is being blocked from both sending and receiving emails.
How to unblock Zoho account?
At this moment there are a few ways how to unblock email on Zoho. The choice depends directly on the reason for blocking. If this happened due to using an account from a different locations or for mass distribution of messages, then use this official tool for auto unlock – UnblockMe. Usually after following the steps from this link an account will be unblocked within a few hours.

In the case of exceeding the storage limit solution path is easier. User needs to open his profile page and manage the storage using one of the available methods. After creating enough space sending and receiving emails will be available again.

If none of the methods above worked then probably the reason for blocking is more serious than it seems. Unblocking such an account might be possible only after contacting technical support of Zoho.

Using virtual number to unblock Zoho mail
Sometimes the ban is permanent and it is not possible to unlock Zoho account no matter what. There is no a solution for this except creating a new profile. Using virtual phone number to accomplish this task might be a good decision. smspinverify provides such a service at an affordable price. Email account that has been created this way is not different from the one with a real phone number and fully operational from the very beginning.