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Create an account on Netflix without phone number

Posted on 04/05/23 12:28 pm

Netflix is an online platform that provides users with access to movies, television programs, cartoons, and other video stuff. It will be fair to say that right now this is a trendsetter in the internet movie industry too. You can use it on a mobile phone, personal computer, or smart TV. However, it should be also mentioned that over time it became not so easy to make an account on that platform. This is caused by mandatory SMS verification required at the registration stage. Sincere to say, not every user appreciates this feature and is eager to divulge either their phone number or credit card information. Luckily, there is a way to get around this requirement with a temporary phone number for Netflix. This feature is available online and allows creating a profile without using a personal number at all.

Netflix logo

Why should you register Netflix account on your own?
More and more advertisements about selling accounts on this streaming service are appearing on the internet. It is more expensive but at the same time quicker than creating own profile. However, those who are planning to go that way should keep in mind two things. First of all, the platform prohibits purchasing and selling personal data. Secondly, it takes all the necessary precautions in order to avoid such cases. This means that the purchased account may get suspended right away or after some time. There is no guarantee that it will be fine.

Obtaining a Netflix verification code and creating an account with it using a temporary number is both cheaper and safer. It is a straightforward way to ensure that your account is secure and won’t be suspended at any time. Profiles created with temporary phone numbers are not much different from other profiles.

How to use a temporary phone number for Netflix to create an account?
The first and main step in this process is to find a service for getting a temporary number. You can try smspinverify . With us, you can get a phone number of this kind for roughly $0.25-0.75. The price depends on the country of the mobile carrier. But it rarely exceeds mentioned upper bar. It will allow you to bypass Netflix phone verification and create a new account for accessing thousands of various video content in minutes. Obtaining a temporary phone number for this purpose is as follows:

1. Register a profile on the smspinverify .com website by filling out and submitting the relevant form.

2. Click the “Payment” button on the left side of the screen to access the page with payment methods.

3. Top up your balance through one of the supported systems.

4. Choose the required country of a mobile carrier from the list on the home page, search for Netflix on the tab following the tab with countries, and press “Buy SMS”.

5. Get a temporary number.

So the next question is how do I sign up for Netflix with it? This is actually very simple. To do that, copy the received number from the main page or your personal profile on the website and paste it into the relevant field when registering with the streaming service. Then go back to smspinverify  and check the verification code used for completing registration.

Who can bypass Netflix phone verification?
This question is on the mind of many people. Some of them have an opinion that there are special requirements for users of temporary phone numbers. So here comes the main advantage of a temporary phone number for Netflix. They are available for use by everyone and, moreover, have no limitations on how many of them each person can utilize. That said, even if for some reason the previous account was blocked, it is always possible to create another with them as well as to register multiple profiles.