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How to Create an Anonymous Instagram Account without a SIM and Email

Posted on 04/05/23 12:25 pm

Instagram is a major social media platform used by 2 billion active users worldwide. Its main function is to allow users to share photos and videos with subscribers and to communicate or conduct business. Countless brands and companies use Instagram to promote their respective products and services, thanks to its powerful advertising tools. This app is a convenient tool for relaying compact pieces of information to friends, clients, family, etc. Instagram is perfect for entertaining, informing, spreading news, and creating content. There’s something for everyone, pressed into a convenient app interface.

It is important to say that using Instagram requires an account. But to make an account, you need to confirm your phone number or e-mail. Sharing such sensitive data with Meta (owner of Instagram) is uncomfortable for countless users, rightly so. Hence, you might consider registering on Instagram anonymously.

Anonymity on Instagram: Everything you need to know
The reason to worry about anonymity is Meta’s own policies. Formerly Facebook, the company is known for mishandling customer information and using data in marketing schemes without their knowledge or consent. Essentially, data given to Meta is at their complete disposal, and they can use it for gain. Also, anonymous Instagram account can be useful in everyday life. For example, you want to watch anonymously the stories of your former partner, classmates and others. Using a personal profile for this purpose would not be quite appropriate, especially if you don’t want the owner of the profile being viewed to know anything about it.

anonymous on instagram

Unfortunately, users cannot opt out of providing sensitive information when registering with Meta services. But there is a way around this by providing a virtual number instead of your own during the registration process. But before that, let’s first break down the Instagram privacy settings that will help you improve your privacy.

Instagram Privacy Settings
It’s possible to share even less information on Instagram. Though it is impossible to forbid Meta to use your personal information for selfish purposes. But you can make it difficult to collect any sort of information about you on this social media. Use Instagram anonymously and turn your account private to achieve maximum security.

Private Instagram accounts display no posted photos, videos, subscriptions, and subscribers. Viewing it is possible upon successfully following the private account, which requires approval from its owner. Making your account private is available in the general settings.

How to create an Anonymous Instagram Account without a phone number and e-mail
Virtual phone numbers are functional cell numbers that require no SIM card to work. They are purchased from online providers, who rent them to willing clients. Such phone numbers are used to receive an SMS with a verification code, which is needed to register and authorize the account. You can’t sign up for Instagram without a phone number, but it’s the best alternative.

The comfort of not having to purchase a separate SIM card or use a personal number just to register on Instagram is enormous. In terms of cost virtual numbers are much cheaper than buying a new SIM. Lastly, you don’t need an extra SIM slot for a virtual number; it’ll be accessible through a browser. Let’s see how to create an anonymous Instagram account using a virtual number during registration.

Buying a Virtual Number for Instagram using smspinverify 
To browse Instagram anonymously, users require a virtual number. Services like smspinverify .com offer such services for SMS verification. It is a convenient service that has no major disadvantages compared to conventional SIM cards.

virtual number to create an anonymous Instagram account

To get a virtual number on smspinverify , follow these steps:

Register at smspinverify .com and confirm your e-mail. You can also use a quick login via Facebook or Telegram;
Log in to the account and refill the balance in any convenient way in the corresponding tab;
Then, go to the main page, choose the desired country and the service “Instagram”, and then click “Buy”;
Use the received virtual number when registering on the chosen platform;
To receive an SMS with a code, click “Receive SMS” next to the purchased number;
Use the Instagram verification code you received to complete your registration.
The procedure takes minutes, and it’s safe, effective, and convenient. Without it, you’d have to purchase a SIM card or utilize an actual personal phone number, which poses risk to your private information. Using a fake number for Instagram is, therefore, perfect. Compared to buying a SIM card, the results are identical. However, this method is superior in convenience, utility, and often cost-effectiveness. As mentioned, the virtual number’s method has no drawbacks compared to regular registration.