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How to make two YouTube accounts

Posted on 03/05/23 01:29 pm

YouTube has long been the most widely used video hosting service on the global web. Up to 5 billion videos are seen there by people every day. But it is used not only for fun. Many people use this service to promote goods and services or post various video content in different niches to make money off their views. Nevertheless, it is necessary to create and provide a ton of content to take advantage of all the commercial opportunities platform has to offer. This is why some users would like to register and run two or more YouTube accounts at once. In this article, we will show how to do that without difficulties.

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Why someone find it difficult to create multiple YouTube accounts?
This situation is very easy to explain. It starts at the point where users have to use their Google account in order to sign up for YouTube while registering an account on Google requires verifying the mobile phone number. Of course, one phone number can be used only once. You cannot make a second account using the number attached to the initial profile. So, due to this, there is also no opportunity to create multiple YouTube accounts in that case. This issue is solved by operating temporary phone numbers.

You may get one for only $0.20 with smspinverify . Such phone numbers exist specifically for receiving verification codes for registration on different internet resources whether it is a social networking site or video hosting service. Moreover, we provide our customers with a user-friendly interface, reasonable fees, a variety of payment options, and useful customer service which is always on duty. That said, using temporary numbers with us is not just a solution but a convenient and affordable solution that will surely help to solve the task.

How to make a second YouTube channel with our service?
Inexperienced users have an opinion that it is a complicated process with a lot of difficulties along the way. However, it is not true at all. Registration of a second account with a temporary phone number is not more difficult than registration of a first account with a personal phone number. The only difference is that you need to obtain this temporary number first and here is exactly how to do it:

1. Proceed to the main page of the smspinverify .com website, open the registration form, and sign up for the profile.

2. Choose a convenient option on the payment tab and use it to replenish the balance.

3. Decide in which country the temporary phone number should be issued and select it on the homepage of the service.

4. Search for YouTube on the list of supported websites and apps.

5. Tap on the purchase button.

You will get a temporary number suitable for creating multiple YouTube channels in seconds. It can also be operated in different manners. You can use it to create a Google account first and then register a profile on YouTube with it or use it straight away for registration on YouTube. It works in both ways as those platforms are connected. Using a temporary phone number is similar to using a basic mobile number. Just put it on the registration form, get the verification code, and then finish the process with the received code.

To create more accounts, obtain and activate more temporary numbers. Once again, each number can be used to sign up for only one profile. So you need as many numbers as many accounts you are going to register. The math is simple.

Don’t forget to enable VPN
YouTube doesn’t strongly prohibit having multiple accounts. But it is still not a completely normal approach. So we recommend using VPN when creating additional profiles on this video hosting platform. You should connect to a server in the same country as the country of issue of the temporary number in use. This will make sure that your session doesn’t look suspicious helping to avoid any restrictions.

Summing up the above, the question “Can I create 2 YouTube channels with one Gmail account?” has a negative answer. It is not possible to do this. However, it is possible to get a temporary number and use it to register a second channel on YouTube with ease. Our service makes it possible.