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How to use Lazada App without a Phone Number

Posted on 03/05/23 01:25 pm

The Lazada application is a top marketplace service in Southeast Asia. It offers outstanding capabilities for both the purchase and sale of goods. With 7 million active monthly users, Lazada is small compared to giants like Shopee. Still, its customer experience is superb and efficient.

Most Lazada users are in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries. If you live in the region, Lazada is the best choice for an online marketplace, for sellers and buyers alike. To create an account on a popular marketplace, you need to confirm your phone number via SMS. Not all users like this condition, so in our article you will learn how to avoid it.

Overview of the Lazada App
This is a popular marketplace app in Southeast Asia. Users can buy and sell on Lazada in a comfortable environment. Although the Lazada app has many advantages, it is still not very popular, so there is not as much competition there. The benefits include:

Comfortable design;
Simple navigation;
Free sale setup;
Responsive support.
Lazada application is only relevant in parts of Southeast Asia. Using it outside means a gradually decreasing number of possible deals. However, it’s viable in places like Singapore, Malaysia, or the Philippines, as Southeast-Asian nations prefer Lazada more than Shopee and similar services.

So, how to use Lazada? Like in similar applications, all deals are conducted by users on both sides. Numerous products are sold by businesses, but the application offers hosting capabilities, intermediary support, and payment functionality. It also helps resolve disputes, brings technical help, and more.

lazada app

The registration process on the Lazada App
The Lazada register is a fairly quick and easy process. That’s why you only need a few minutes to complete it. One of the chief pieces of information required to finalize the procedure is an active phone number. Of course, it’s uncomfortable for a lot of people, which calls for methods to avoid submitting it. You can’t register without a phone number, so it’s an important piece of the Lazada account creation process. You won’t need it when you continue to use the app, but you will need it to activate your account.

The Lazada application isn’t known as a malicious entity, but refusing to share sensitive data like a personal phone number is a sound choice. Especially considering there are methods to supplant this information for a virtual piece of data that functions in an identical way but can’t be traced back to you. Virtual numbers are as effective as their physical counterparts, and using them won’t implicate or harm you in any way. This way is much safer and more convenient than using a personal phone number. With virtual numbers you can register not only in Lazada, but also in other applications like Amazon, Shopee, eBay and others.

How to buy a Virtual Number to create Lazada account
A phone number is required to complete the registration process on the Lazada application because you’ll have to receive an SMS message on it. Furthermore, you’ll also may need one to authorize in the system later or during security procedures such as recovering or changing the password.

smspinverify  allows users to get a virtual phone number with the ability to receive messages. It’s cheap, anonymously, and just as effective as giving Lazada your personal mobile number. The difference is that you don’t have to provide your personal information to get it, which is much safer.

virtual number for Lazada registration

To purchase a virtual number, follow these steps:

Register at or log in through your social media account;
Find in the side menu the tab “Replenish balance” and enter the necessary amount for the purchase;
Choose a country and the service “Lazada” on the main page;
In front of the selected service click “Buy”;
Bought phone number can be found on the main page in the history of your requests. Copy it and use it to register in the marketplace;
When you need to get an verification code from Lazada, go back to the smspinverify  site and click ” Receive SMS” opposite the purchased virtual number;
Use the code you receive to complete your registration.
This way you made a completely anonymous registration and got a full-fledged account.