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How to issue a refund from the smspinverify service

Posted on 30/04/23 02:11 pm

How to issue?
Hi! By your numerous requests, I would like to devote this article to the policy and process of refund of funds from our smspinverify  service. You may have such a problem if you have a problem paying for a phone number, or if you do not receive an SMS for the necessary service from you. Let’s first analyze the process of buying a phone number, we will do everything in stages

Buying a phone number
When the account is topped up, you just have to purchase the desired number for you. This can be done in the “Receiving SMS” section if you need a number to register in only one application, or in the “Room Rental” section if you need a phone number for a long period of use.

Snimok ekrana v

It’s simple! Now we have a phone number that we can use to our advantage.

But what to do when there are problems with payment, or SMS messages do not come to your number?

Refund conditions
Our company can provide you with a refund if the basic conditions are met for this. So, in order to request a refund from our company, the following conditions must be met:

smspinverify  does not refund the money for the purchased numbers after an SMS message has been received to the number and activation has been successfully carried out. The Client agrees to this when purchasing any product or service on official websites (smspinverify .com ; smspinverify .ru ), the official desktop application and in the telegram bot. If the Customer has not received an SMS message within the specified time, the money for the number will be refunded automatically after the activation is canceled. It is recommended to contact the smspinverify  support service for help if you encounter any problems with receiving or using our products.
Information about problems with the use of smspinverify  products must be transmitted to technical support within 5 (five) days from the date of purchase of the number. Otherwise, the product will be considered successfully used.
If the replenishment of the Client’s account balance was carried out in any way within a period exceeding 1 (one) calendar week before contacting the smspinverify  support service, no refund will be made.
smspinverify  does not satisfy refund/exchange requests that are based on the incompatibility of our products with third-party software, unless it is listed as compatible on the web page of a specific product.
If the Customer has successfully purchased and activated at least one number after depositing the balance, the funds remaining on the Customer’s balance cannot be refunded.
Pay attention! According to paragraph 3 of the refund policy, if the code from the SMS turned out to be non-working and you provide proof, then we will refund the funds to your balance and this service will be invalid.

Next, let’s look at the refund process and the support letter.

Refund of funds
In order to return the funds, you need to visit our website smspinverify .ru and go to the “Payment and refund” section at the very bottom of the site


Carefully read the policy, after which you can prepare the letter for sending

Let me show you how to write a letter to support correctly so that our team can respond to you faster and better. So, the letter itself should contain such items as:

Account login
Refund amount
The payment system through which you replenished your account
Confirmation of the transfer of funds (amount + payment system)
Reason for the refund. Here write briefly and clearly, 2-3 sentences, why you want to request a refund
IMPORTANT: If you were registered through social networks, you will not have a valid login. We will only be able to identify you by your referral code or API-key, which you can find in the “Profile” tab of your personal cabinet

It should be sent to the following email address: info@smspinverify .ru

In our service, the numbers are updated several times a day, so try to wait for a while, if the number is not activated, then write to us. Below I attach a form for you that you will need to fill out when you need to send us an email:

Good afternoon, smspinverify ! I ran into a problem…, so I wanted to request a refund from you

My login:
Refund amount: 30$
Payment system: Visa
Confirmation of funds transfer: (provide a receipt)
Reason for refund: I am not interested in this service, I did not use the phone number
Please help me with the solution of this problem

With respect, Brown

Example of making a refund
Good afternoon, smspinverify ! I ran into a problem…, so I wanted to request a refund from you

My login:
Refund amount:
Payment system:
Confirmation of funds transfer:
Reason for refund:
Please help me with the solution of this problem

With respect, …


Your message should look like this. If all conditions are met, our company will refund your funds within 5 calendar days from the date of sending the application. Be careful! The more information you provide in your letter, the easier it will be for us to sort out your problem and solve it as soon as possible.