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How to sign up for JD app without a Phone Number

Posted on 27/04/23 11:38 am (JD app) is a China-exclusive e-commerce platform offering the sale, purchase, and delivery of different products. It’s the biggest marketplace website in China, ideal for buyers and sellers of clothes, appliances, accessories, furniture, consumer goods, etc.

JD user experience is similar to Aliexpress, another Chinese e-commerce website. JD offers countless products of differing quality, including lower-tier trinkets and brand produce. Goods bought on JD are delivered by the company’s delivery service worldwide.

china jd com

JD com (JD app)  — Benefits and Features
JD allows users to sell and buy a variety of goods. Seller registration is available to all users, but JD is not a flea market type site with lenient rules about who sells what. Registering as a seller requires additional information and a cash deposit. Moreover, many global companies trust JD to sell their goods.

So, what is JD is a marketplace with 600 million active users, making it the largest Chinese e-commerce site. This gives certain advantages and opportunities to non-Chinese customers. Most of JD’s visitors are Chinese consumers, but the shop is also popular in other countries.

JD com (JD app)  — Benefits and Features

That’s why registering on the JD app is advantageous:

The JD app, is geared towards an Asian audience, so it gives you the opportunity to buy products not available in Europe or America;
JD has an excellent, free shipping service throughout China and also works with resellers to deliver orders worldwide;
JD prices are quite low compared to other marketplaces of this size. Even when looking at branded items, the prices are below average;
Frequent discounts and promotions, which makes this an extremely lucrative app for shopping.
JD’s biggest problem is its Chinese focus. The JD app does not support languages other than Mandarin. Even the account creation information has to be in Chinese. Fortunately, mobile devices offer built-in translation features for some apps, and Google Translate offers similar features for the website version.

However, delivery is available for European, American and other regions, and foreign phone numbers are accepted. This is a good thing, given that users have to confirm their phone number via SMS to create a JD account.

Companies such as JD collect a lot of information about users, and phone numbers are no exception. It is usually after registering on the marketplaces that users start receiving mass spam in the form of text messages and phone calls.

But is it possible to bypass the phone number verification step? Let’s find out. To complete your JD marketplace registration, you need to accept a confirmation code on your phone. So, the only option to register JD without your phone number is to use a virtual phone number.

Sign up for JD app with a virtual phone number
Virtual numbers are a cloud-based technology, functionally similar to the numbers contained on physical SIM cards. Users can purchase virtual numbers from providers such as smspinverify and use them to receive verification messages from the JD app and similar services.

JD app registration with a virtual number

To purchase a virtual phone number, follow this step-by-step instruction:

Register at smspinverify or use your existing Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account to log in;
Find the “top up my account” section in the side menu and make enough payment to purchase;
Select your country and “JDcom” service, then click “buy” to add your phone number to your personal account;
Find the purchased number on the main page under the tab “Request History”. Copy this number and use it to activate your JD account;
Then wait for the verification code SMS, which you will need to register your account;
To get the verification code, go back to smspinverify and click “get SMS” next to the number;
Use the code you receive to complete your registration.

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