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How to Create a Telegram Account Without a Phone Number

Posted on 08/03/23 04:55 am

Telegram is a secure messaging app that has become extremely popular. Telegram stands out because it uses a cloud-based messaging service that allows you to retain access to your media from several devices. Telegram does require an active phone number for you to create an account and use its messaging services. While Telegram claims to be a secure service that you can trust with your personal information, it never hurts to add a layer of protection. 

You can bypass Telegram’s phone number requirement by using a service that provides virtual phone numbers for SMS verification. Hundreds of websites offer these services, but this guide will be using the safest and most trusted virtual phone number provider: smspinverify . 

Welcome to smspinverify 
smspinverify offers verification for SMS, voice, and text messaging. This is done by providing phone numbers offered by major US phone companies. These phone numbers are safe to use when creating accounts that require SMS verification. What sets smspinverify apart from the rest is that these phone numbers actually work.

Most websites offer virtual phone numbers that are recycled and reused. Attempting to use these numbers can leave you unable to get around verification. Instead of wasting time cycling between several sketchy websites, you can get SMS verification in minutes. smspinverify cares about keeping personal information safe on the internet, and offers the best solution to avoid handing out your phone number. 

A Step-by-Step Guide To Getting SMS Verification
You can create an account for Telegram by using a phone number provided by smspinverify . We recommend using a personal computer while using smspinverify as it’s faster and less likely to time out. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to create your Telegram account without ever having to give out your phone number. 

Step 1: Download the Telegram Application
If you already have downloaded Telegram, you can proceed to the next step. Follow this link and select which version of Telegram you wish to download. Once you finish downloading Telegram you’ll be asked to provide a phone number. 

Step 2: Sign up for smspinverify 
You’ll need a smspinverify account if you want to use their SMS verification services. Head over to smspinverify to create your account. You’ll be asked to provide some basic information like your email address, name, and password. After you create an account, make sure to verify your email address so you can sign into your account and increase your account’s security. 

Step 3: Open the ‘Verifications’ Tab and Click ‘Text & SMS’
On the smspinverify homepage, look in the top left corner for the ‘Verifications’ tab. Once you click the tab, a list of verification methods will appear. Here you can choose from text and voice verifications, rental numbers available, and see your virtual number history. Click on ‘Text & SMS’ to be taken to smspinverifylist of services that provide US phone numbers for verification. 

Step 4: Search for Telegram on the Service List
Once you’ve made it to the list of services that smspinverify covers, enter ‘Telegram’ into the search field. Telegram will rise to the top of the services list. Before you continue to generate a US phone number for verification, check the status of Telegram. This can be found under the ‘Status’ column. 

Make sure that Telegram is in a ‘New’ or ‘Used’ status before continuing. The ‘New’ status means that new virtual phone numbers for SMS are available to use. The ‘Used’ status indicates that only previously used phone numbers are available. 

If Telegram’s status reads out as ‘N/A’, you’ll be unable to get SMS verification for a brief period. smspinverify is constantly adding new phone numbers for verification daily, so check back frequently to see if new numbers have become available. Click on Telegram to continue to the next step. 

Step 5: Generate A Number For SMS Verification and Get Verified 
You’ll only have a few minutes to verify your generated number before it becomes unavailable. On this screen, locate your virtual phone number (shown below) and enter it in the required field on Telegram.

Once you’ve done this, keep an eye on the message column to see if you’ve received your verification code. It can take up to two minutes to receive a message from Telegram. Don’t resend the verification code multiple times as you’ll end up with errors with your codes. 

After your code is generated, enter it into Telegram and you can proceed with your account creation. Telegram will require you to provide some basic information for your account. After this, you’ll be free to use Telegram’s services.

smspinverify Works for Telegram and Many Other Services
You can get SMS verification for Telegram easily by using a virtual phone number provided by smspinverify . No other virtual phone number provider offers you the safest and most reliable US numbers for verification like smspinverify . This guide works for hundreds of other services like Whatsapp, Tinder, Paypal, and so many more! 

The next time that a company asks you to provide your phone number, consider taking five minutes to use a virtual phone number. This can keep your phone and personal information safe from money-hungry companies that want to sell your data. If you are interested in all of smspinverifyfeatures, head over to