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How To Play LoL Clash Without a Phone Number

Posted on 07/03/23 11:45 am

League of Legends (LoL )is a massively popular MOBA game. Riot Games recently released a new way to play LoL. LoL Clash allows players to create a team and compete with other teams in a tournament-like fashion. If you want to jump into this high-octane game mode, you’ll need to have a registered LoL account with an active phone number.

This restriction can be inconvenient for anyone concerned about keeping their personal information safe. Luckily, there are ways to bypass this restriction. The most popular method for bypassing SMS verification is by using a virtual phone number. In this guide, you’ll learn how to use a virtual phone number to create a LoL account. 

Getting Started: How to Bypass SMS Verification 
There are hundreds of virtual phone providers that offer US phone numbers for verification. Many of these providers offer used or illegitimate numbers that won’t work and you’ll end up wasting your time and money. The purpose of using a virtual phone number is for convenience and safety, which many of these providers lack. Luckily for you, there’s Text Verified. 

Meet smspinverify
When you search online for how to bypass SMS verification, you’ll be bombarded with hundreds of virtual phone number providers in the search results. You can avoid spending hours sifting through sites and trying different numbers to no avail by using smspinverify.
smspinverify provides thousands of new US phone numbers for verification daily. These phone numbers are provided by legitimate US phone companies. This allows users to always get SMS verification with little to no error messages. Not only do these numbers work for text and SMS verification, but they can be used for voice verification as well. 

How To Get SMS Verification with smspinverify
All that you’ll need to create a LoL Clash account without a phone number is a PC and five to ten minutes of your time. Using the smspinverifymobile app can work in a pinch, but to avoid any time-out issues, we recommend using a PC. Follow these steps and you’ll be playing Clash in no time. 

Step 1: Sign up for smspinverify
The first step in this process is to create a smspinverify account. Go to to start creating your account. You’ll be asked to provide an email address and a password. After you’ve finished this, make sure to verify your email so you can use all of smspinverify verification services. 

Step 2: Ensure That You Can Play LoL Clash
To enter a clash tournament, you’ll need to be level 30, complete placements in a minimum of one Summoner’s Rift ranked queue, be Honor Level 2, and have SMS verification. After these requirements have been met, you’ll need a Clash ticket, a team to play with, and for each member of your team to lock in before the first game starts in the tournament. 

Step 3: Open Clash in the LoL Client
Find and locate the Clash tab in the League of Legends client. After you’ve done this, click “Team” and find your name. Next to your name will be a button labeled “Confirm SMS”. After this, you’ll be asked to provide a phone number for SMS verification. 

Step 4: On smspinverify, Locate the Verifications Tab
From smspinverify homepage, locate the ‘Verifications’ tab in the top left corner of the page as shown below. Click the tab to bring down a list of all verification services that smspinverifyoffers. For SMS verification, click ‘Text & SMS’ to be taken to the service search page. 

Step 5: Search for League of Legends in the Search Bar
This page is a list of all of the services that you can get SMS verification for. Type ‘League of Legends’ into the search bar. This will bring League of Legends to the top of the service list. Before continuing, make sure that the ‘Status’ column for League of Legends reads as ‘New’ or ‘Used’. This indicates that there are new or used US numbers for verification. 

If the status reads as ‘N/A’, then you may have to wait as no new phone numbers are available for SMS verification. This is a rare occurrence, but smspinverifyacquires new phone numbers daily so you won’t have to wait very long. 

Make sure you haven’t been disconnected from LoL and that you can still enter a phone number in the required field before proceeding. Once you generate a phone number, you’ll only have a few minutes to use it before it expires.

Once you are ready, click ‘League of Legends’ to get a US phone number for verification. 

Step 6: Generate a Temporary Number and Get SMS Verification 
Once you’ve arrived on the SMS verification page, look for your virtual phone number (shown below). Copy this number and enter it into the required field on the LoL client. After a short period, your SMS verification code will pop up in the ‘Message’ column. Make sure to only send one SMS verification code as it can result in issues with your code. 

Copy this code and enter it into the required field on the LoL client. Once you’ve been verified, you can now proceed to use all of the features of LoL Clash. 

smspinverifyWorks for Nearly Everything
smspinverify allows you to play LoL Clash without having to provide a personal phone number. This process can be done with any of the services available on Text Verified’s service list. With Text Verified, you’ll never have to worry about SMS verification again.  

Now that you can continue getting ready for the next LoL Clash tournament, you may be wondering what other services you can get SMS verification for. smspinverify works for services like Whatsapp, Tinder, Blizzard, and hundreds more. If you ever need SMS verification, smspinverify has got you covered.