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How to register and start selling on OLX without a phone number

Posted on 20/05/23 01:36 pm

The OLX brand was founded in 2006 by two French entrepreneurs, Fabrice Grinda and Alejandro Oxenford. Firstly company started active work with India –the most dynamic market in the world. But starting in 2007, the company began to expand into new global markets. Now has 35 offices in Buenos Aires, Kiev, Poznan, Moscow, Tashkent, Bucharest, Sofia, Beijing, Almaty and Mumbai. More than 330 million people visit OLX every month and many businesses sell their products on the platform.

The next functions are available:

Creating ads using HTML web markup;
Tools for managing product operations, and social activity;
Spam-messages filters;
Multilingual interface;
Use of the application on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet);
Discussing, and comments of commercial proposals of other users;
Showing created ads on the different online platforms.
OLX portal is one of the most popular site for online shopping. According to the latest research, this platform is on 5 places, ahead of Wikipedia and Instagram. Users of the OLX marketplace can find products for a wide range of interests, which are conveniently divided into sections such as: hobbies, sport, garden & home, business & services, fashion & style, transport and more.

Set up OLX account

How to create OLX account?
To register profile on OLX, open the home page on and follow the instructions below:

Now you need to select your desired country from the list and click on it;
Then click on your profile in the top right corner and then go to the “Registration” page;
Enter your e-mail or phone number and password, then click on the register button;
All you have to do to complete the registration process is to confirm your profile via SMS.
Important! When using a personal mobile phone on a marketplace there is a huge chance of being spammed with advertising messages and calls. Therefore we do not recommend you to use your personal number to register on such sites to avoid this. Using virtual phone numbers from smspinverify  is a safer and more convenient way. For example, you can have more than one account and post more ads for sale.

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How to sell products on OLX?
The first thing to do is to create an OLX account. Because without an account you will not be able to publish ads, communicate with other users or make deliveries. To publish your ad, you need to сlick on the “Submit Ad” button and fill in all necessary information, titles and descriptions.

olx shop

To make your ad attractive to buyers:

1. The first lines of your description should be the most attractive part of your ad, as it is the first thing buyers pay attention to.

2. Upload a good quality photo of the product you are selling. An attractive photo will help you get even more attention.

3. Conduct market research and study competitors’ price lists to offer the best possible price to the buyer.

4. Don’t sell more than one product in one ad, it’s best to create a separate page for each product.

These actions will allow you to attract the attention of more buyers and increase your chances of selling.


How to create an OLX account without a phone number and e-mail
smspinverify  is a popular online service that can be useful for you to set up an OLX account. The smspinverify .com website is intuitive to navigate, allowing users to get a virtual phone number for OLX in minutes. This will help you to avoid spam on your personal phone and keep your anonymity.

SMS man service

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the service to register an account for any marketplace:

Create an account in the smspinverify .com service. This is a standard procedure and requires no further explanation.
Then select “Top up your balance” tab in the side menu and make a deposit in any way you like.
Now select your country and service on the main page. You can get a mobile operator for any country, regardless of your current location. As for service selection, use the search box and enter “OLX”.
After selecting the country and service you only need to click on one “Buy” button next to the selected options. The virtual number will then be added to your account and ready to use.
All you need to do is to go through standard registration, but during the registration process, give a virtual phone number instead of your real. In this way you can create an account for any marketplace where SMS confirmation is required to complete registration.