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How to restore a blocked YouTube account

Posted on 18/05/23 02:42 pm

It is not fun trying to restore YouTube blocked account. This process involves spending a lot of time, energy, and sometimes even financial resources. Not to add that the cause for the blockage is frequently unknown which makes some people unsure of what to do. In this post, we will discuss all of the potential causes and the best solutions to such an issue, including such a well-liked one as temporary phone numbers.

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Why might be account on YouTube blocked?
You must identify the cause of the account blockage before starting the process of unblocking it. There isn’t a common cause since each occurrence is distinct. However, there are a few typical causes. The following are some common explanations for why internet users find their accounts on YouTube blocked:

Posting inappropriate comments or videos in violation of the terms of service or community guidelines;
Keeping an account in a way that violates the terms of service;
Violating copyright regulations.
There are millions of people who would like to restore YouTube accounts after getting blocked. They frequently seek appropriate solutions. But even despite the fact that there is a huge number of causes, the list of solutions is not that wide. Moreover, most often they work in the same straightforward manner.

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How to restore YouTube profile if it was blocked?
The kind of suspension has a direct impact on the solution. The easiest way is to submit an official complaint form on YouTube. This method, however, mostly works for accounts that have been suspended due to breaking one of the platform’s terms of service. In this case, it is necessary to provide the name, address, phone number, and some other data related to the account as well as a justification for the request. The platform will examine the appeal and make a decision about the future of the account as soon as possible.

You can also send a counter-notice with this form if blocking was probably caused by copyright infringement. It is possible to do this even with accounts that YouTube blocked completely and without the possibility of unblocking. The web-based counter-notification form, however, is not really a good solution. There is a generic form for submitting a counter-notice in this instance. Processing will take some time, just like with appeals. It is advised against sending in repeated requests because doing so will make the evaluation process take longer.

But sometimes none of these options work. If there is still a wish to continue using the platform, it is necessary to create a new account. Since the original mobile phone number was blocked along with the main account, it becomes necessary to use a temporary phone number for YouTube. This feature is not only cheap but also free from various limitations on its use. This means that technically everyone can use temporary numbers to create unlimited accounts.

How to create new YouTube account with a temporary number?
Many people don’t find success when trying to unblock their accounts. So they appeal to temporary phone numbers and do the right thing. These mobile numbers allow restoring access to the most widely used streaming service in the world within minutes. Just do the following:

1. Sign up for smspinverify .com and recharge your account using the preferred form of payment from those that are available.

2. Visit the home page of the website and get a temporary phone number for YouTube in one of more than a hundred countries.

3. Use the received temporary number for registration and request a verification code.

The final step is extremely easy. You may view the verification code by simply clicking the “Get SMS” button located next to the phone number. To finish the registration procedure and obtain access to the site again, enter this code.

Temporary phone numbers are also a great feature for those who wonder how to verify your YouTube account without a phone number. This process at all doesn’t require using your personal number at all. It stays unrevealed and thereby private.