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How to login Quickpass without a phone number?

Posted on 18/05/23 02:39 pm

What is quickpass?
Hello, smspinverify  is in touch. Contactless payment is becoming more and more popular in the world of innovative technologies, food subscriptions and online cinemas. It follows us absolutely everywhere: from buying hot coffee to buying real estate. There are more and more such services lately. These are Qiwi, Apple Pay and Google. But today I would like to stop at Quickpass.

QuickPass | Банки.ру
Quickpass app
So, what can I tell you about him? Qiuckpass is a development of a Chinese company so that we can use virtual services. This is an application that stores our funds on a virtual wallet. With the help of this application, we can pay for communication services, bank accounts, etc., it’s enough just to create an account in this application. The service was developed by UnionPay for contactless payment in stores using a chip. But in order for you to use the services of Qiuckpass, you will have to create a new account there anyway.

UnionPay Mobile QuickPass

How to do it? It’s pretty simple if you already have a working phone number that you can enter at the registration stage and no longer worry about creating an account. But this does not always happen. In the world of innovative technologies, our profiles are often hacked. Not a single company has been hacked. Scammers are trying to find out your confidential data and use it to their advantage. Therefore, we recommend you to use the smspinverify  service for further registration. Now I will explain to you what it is.

Sign up for Quickpass
WeChat Pay and UnionPay Mobile QuickPass Promote Payment Cooperation - Pandaily

Our service provides services for the sale of phone numbers of various countries for various services. This helps you avoid information leaks during hacking and be more secure than other users. Now, using the example of Quick pass, I would like to tell you how you can quickly, easily, and most importantly safely register in any application. So, the method is quite simple and effective, and it will take you only 5 minutes of your personal time.

How do you register for quick pass?
To register with Qiuckpass, you will need:

1. Firstly find in the search and download the Qiuckpass code to your device.

register grab

2. Go to the application and click on “Register”.

register grab

3. Now we see a bunch of ways to register, but we need to go through this stage through – “Enter phone or email”.

register grab

4. We confirm the date of birth and open the phone number column.
5. Close the application and go to the website of the smspinverify  service.
6. We register on this smspinverify  service
7. Go to the main page and select the “Payment” item in the top menu of the site → replenishment of the smspinverify  account

8. We replenish the account in a convenient way.

9.Go to the main page and select the service “Qiuckpass“.

10. Select the number and confirm receipt.

11.Copy it in your personal account and paste it into the registration field in the Quick pass application.

12. Go back to the smspinverify  and click on the “Receive SMS” button.

13. Copy the code and paste it in the application.