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How to use MobiKwik app without a phone number

Posted on 17/05/23 02:07 pm

The opportunity to make payments online is essential these days. This allows people to make their life way more convenient and save some time that would be spent on visiting banks. MobiKwik is one of those services that provide such an option. However, signing up for an account on this platform often becomes a problem. The most common reason for this is mobile number verification. Users cannot bypass this process if they don’t have a mobile phone number or wouldn’t like to use it for some reason. So here is how to sign up for the MobiKwik app without a phone number. This will be useful for those mentioned above as well as users who want to create multiple profiles on the service because it is not possible to use one mobile number to create more than one account. This guide will be useful for solving multiple problems.

MobiKwik logo

What is a MobiKwik account?
Such an account is the main tool for using solutions from MobiKwik. The latter is a payment service provider launched in India. Basically, it provides 2 features: a mobile phone-based payment service and an online wallet. Users can refill their online wallets with money and then use it to make payments on the internet. So far MobiKwik registration was completed by more than 100 million people.

The option to make online payments is not the only option this service provides though. Those who have an appropriate account also can get loans and insurance, including accident, fire, and life insurance as well as perform IMPS money transfers and DTH recharges. For sure, there is also an opportunity to receive and transfer money via the mobile app just like in the case of PayPal or any other similar financial service. So it is pretty multipurpose.

MobiKwik app

How to use MobiKwik without a phone number?
You can explore the app without registration. This is a convenient feature for those who are not sure yet if they need to use that service. But using its solutions is not possible without having an account. Creating one requires providing and verifying an Indian mobile phone number. There is no way to skip this step although there is a way to complete it having no appropriate mobile number. You just need to use a temporary phone number issued in India.

Phone numbers of this kind are designed specifically to receive OTP for registration. You can use them to sign up for the MobiKwik app from anywhere in the world. It is unnecessary to visit India for this purpose. Moreover, there are also no restrictions on how many numbers each person can operate. This makes it possible to sign up for unlimited accounts in case there is such a need.

Where to get a temporary number for the MobiKwik app?
smspinverify  offers an opportunity to take advantage of temporary phone numbers within minutes. The whole process takes place online. You also don’t have to worry about numbers not being in stock. There are many of them available for the MobiKwik log in purpose. Just follow our instructions to get one or more:

1. Sign up for a personal account on

2. Use a convenient payment method to refill the balance with funds.

3. Open the tab with countries on the homepage and select India.

4. Search for MobiKwik on the online services list.

5. Press the buy button.

Now it’s only left to sign up for the MobiKwik app with bought temporary number. In order to do this, use this number as a regular number when creating an account. The process is not different. You can also take more temporary phone numbers and create profiles for your friends and relatives or for personal use. This is completely allowed.