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How to create multiple Facebook accounts using Virtual Number

Posted on 15/05/23 01:17 pm

Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world with more than 1.98 billion active users worldwide. Founded in 2004 by a gifted college student, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has become an indispensable online tool for business, communication, collaboration, information sharing and reputation management.

What is Facebook and how it all started?
Facebook’s history began when Mark Zuckerberg decided to create a website called Facebook. The site was designed as an online guide for Harvard University students to find friends and learn more about their classmates. The site became very popular among Harvard students and eventually students from other universities began using it as well. In 2006, Facebook was opened up to users from all over the world.

Today, Facebook is a social network that allows users to create their own profiles, share information, photos and videos, communicate with family and friends, make new friends, discuss important world events and expand their businesses.

These are just some of the features that make Facebook so popular:

Facebook lets you manage your friend lists and use privacy settings to control who can see the contents of your profile.
The social network supports interactive online discussions and the ability to comment on friends’ profile pages.
The platform also supports group pages, fan pages and business pages, allowing businesses to use Facebook as a social media marketing tool.
Facebook offers advanced features and monetization opportunities.
Facebook Live allows users to broadcast live videos.
Facebook Founder CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Can I register multiple Facebook accounts with one mobile number?
To register a personal Facebook profile, the user needs to enter a mobile number that will receive a six-digit code via SMS. There is one important condition, the phone number specified must be unique and not previously used for registering on Facebook. This is to ensure maximum security for the platform and to reduce the number of bots.

Due to this condition it is not possible to create more than one personal account with the same phone number. But to get around this restriction, it is possible to connect a temporary number using the online service smspinverify .com and quickly register multiple Facebook accounts.

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How to sign up for Facebook with a temporary number?
To create a new Facebook account, it is possible to use the smspinverify  online platform, which offers the possibility to connect a temporary phone numbers. Using such online numbers to confirm registration with Facebook allows anyone to create any number of accounts on this social network.

virtual number for facebook

To connect a temporary phone number using the smspinverify  service and receive a Facebook code on it, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the smspinverify .com registration page and fill in the required fields. Enter a valid e-mail or use a quick registration via social networks.

2. Then find the “Top up your balance” tab in the menu on the right. Select the payment method, then enter the desired amount and press “Pay”.

3. On the main page of the smspinverify  platform, select mobile phone operator’s country and the desired “Facebook” service. Click on the “Buy” button. Your temp phone number will automatically be added to your personal account.

4. Copy your temporary phone number and use it when registering your Facebook account. Then press the “Continue” button.

5. When Facebook sends a six-digit code, go back to smspinverify  and click on “Get SMS” next to the number you purchased.

6. Copy the 6-digit code you have received into the appropriate field to complete your Facebook registration.

With the help of smspinverify  you can be sure that registration of a new Facebook profile will be easy and fast. The service team provides unique software and a guarantee that each cell number is confidential.